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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Being wet and a day of FUN at Marina Barrage

Just last week back,fellow bloggers asked me out to join them have a picnic at Marina Barrage. It was my first time there and I haven't flown a kite for a longest time. I think the last time I've flown a kite was at east cost beach with my cousins? But then the string broke and the kite flew away. It's okay,let's get on with the picnic and see if the kite flies away this time.

Click on photo to see tweetphoto

They went to buy a lot of food from carrefour.
But hey,the fondue was brought by Jia Qi. She was sooooooo excited about the picnic that she kept asking everyone to eat and even scoop the chocolate fondue on the biscuits for us! Thank you mama! :p

Dark clouds looming,but it didn't stop us from flying kites!

After that,which they were packing up and told me to sit aside and cover my eyes.


Pop! Pop! Pop!

The it's sprayyyyyyy!

Wah lao,you see the expression on Andy's face. Machiam like spray until very shiok hor!

And I ran of course!
Now we know who's the one spraying,I will get back at you guys de.
Just you wait,I will be back!

And the weather was pretty funny,it rained soon after I got rid of those spray stuffs. We packed up and took shelter indoors. But after awhile,it stopped raining. So we went out to do out jump shot.

And the evening rain had everyone going downstairs. Which the sky turned dark soon after.

Be mindful that these 2 shots were the last 2 photos.
What happened next was:

I was trying to take photos with Andy and Weijie,which Weijie is going to NS.
Before Jing Long could actually click the the shutter button,the 2 of them carried me up and threw me into the water. Great. Fun-tastic.

I think they just simple threw me in countless of times already.
Evil,you guys are just evil!
I'm not going to just get myself wet,so I dragged the rest of them down too. Everyone got wet except for Li Mei and Jing Long cause he's the photographer! We tried coaxing him to put down his baby camera,but it didn't convinced him though. The camera is his amulet of protection,seriously.

Finally,I get to take my picture with that 2 who threw me into the water.
But not without Jinglong and Mel jumping across the first 2 shots.

And here are the polaroid pictures taken,both polaroid brought by Jia Qi and Joyce.
Jia qi has a reallyyyyyyyy antique polaroid,but it worked perfectly well.

Know why are we called The Cousins?
Don't you think we all together for the very cousin-y feel? Haha!

And being the birthday girl,wearing white definitely doesn't help prevent you from getting thrown into the water. We can't help grinning while we sat at Astons in Suntec to have our dinner,soaked through. And this is where my present arrived,as you can see from the previous post.

I'm happy that day.
That I can't help smiling while the wind blew in the sunset.

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