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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why you should follow me on TWITTER!

Why you should follow me on Twitter?

After googling and reading so many people blogging about this question,I felt compelled to follow them. See? The power is within the very sentence itself. And I feel that I should make it clear to my followers,who might have no idea what are they following me for.

Why don't I tell you the reason that I follow people first?
Let's ignore the celebrities and top bloggers.
I will follow you if you:
  • are my real-life friend whom I often talk to.
  • are so god-damn interesting that I wanna know about your life.
  • for my entertainment purposes
  • for your face's sake.

When I get replies saying:

Ahhh,I see red when it comes to this sentence. I feel like smacking them in the head and giving them a sarcastic reply. Just because you told me to follow you back and I should? Who am I,your dog? And often,friend's friends will follow me for god knows what reason. Maybe they know me because my friends talked about me? But why should I follow you back when I don't know you?

Secondly,just because I have seen you before somewhere and somehow,might have even spoke to you before once or twice. It doesn't mean you following me,and I will follow you back.

It's annoying when people start to have that kind of expectations from you.

Okay,let's get started on why you should follow me!

  1. I will twit about my thoughts. That is,if you wanna know more about me.

  2. I will twit about the things I see outside,so you know where you should avoid going!

  3. I will twit about the happenings in school! Let's say a fight broke out in canteen. Then... Hohoho! They're on my twitter! There's lots of happenings in my school this year.
    Blood,fights,ambulances,snakes. Hell yeah!
    * Some may get annoyed when I twit about them fighting in school. Hello,you can't control what I twit. DON'T FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  4. I twitpic stuffs! Click on picture to see the rest of my twitpics.

    My sleepy dog,enjoying life hor? On. My. Quilt!

Okay,here's the danger about this post. I'm not sure if I'll get more followers. But I know I might lose some followers after they know what I feel about them following me on twitter. Oh well,I'm taking my chances. So...

I'm tweeting,follow me on TWITTER here!

PS. I do reply questions ;)
PSS. I do stalk people on twitter too,muahahahaha! :D

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