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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rants about encountering a stupid bus driver! Grrr!

Sorry people! All the happenings within the weekdays are actually composed to 1-2 posts on the weekends. It must be pretty boring to wait. Anyways.


The other day I just finished school and I went to the bus stop to wait for my bus.
I was behind this woman and she boarded the bus while I wait for her to tap her card by putting one of my foot onto the bus. Then I don't know why this STUPID bus driver JUST HAVE TO CLOSE THE FREAKING DOOR WITH MY FOOT ON-DECK! I quickly withdraw my foot before it gets kiap <----means get stuck la. Then I look at the bus driver,and he was staring ahead.

Never even see if there's anyone at the bus stop who wants to board the bus ha. I wanna go board the bus and go home,of course I knock on the bus door la. Then the bus driver turn to look at me. No,I should say stareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Hey,at least this is chiobu okay.
But no! He is ugly and ahtiong-ish as hell.

Oh my effing god. Of course I got dulan <--irritated la. And stare at him back la. Baby stare,baby stare. Give you the baby stare.

So we're like staring at each other until he opened the door. Just as I was tapping my ez-link,he start to scold me. Wah lao eh,I never even say a word and he start to scold me for what?
Suddenly appearing. And it's my fault.

What the fuck?! Hello stupid uncle,YOU are the bus driver.
Of course YOU are the one who is suppose to keep an eye on the door right? You think your job is so relac,don't look at the door and anyhow close it ah? Like that will hurt people one you know. So slack,go be road sweeper better right. Later whom am I going to claim compensation from if you really kiap my feet. Gosh,never see someone so irresponsible and scold the passengers one.

Of course,I replied in a super polite tone that he nearly closed the door on my feet. And what if he did,what shall we do about it? You would think that he would apologize.
But NO.
He just wanna defend himself even more. Which really irked me and we just bickered for 2 bus stops journey with everyone in the bus watching.

His accusation: I suddenly appear,suddenly board the bus.

My defense: I am already behind that woman. Cannot see is it? My feet is already on the bus,what if you hurt me? Whom can I seek compensation from?

Of course,it sounded like I shoot him more than he accused me. But he just keep repeating the same old excuses,bor-ing! Which after that the bicker just slowly died down and I found my seat. I was soooooo irritated that I began typing an email on my phone. Of course I didn't send it la,why waste my money?

I think there's something wrong with the time,suppose to be in the afternoon.
But the first thing I reached home was to turn on the laptop and start typing.

This kind of bus driver no need to scared one!
Often you see signboards telling us that their bus drivers deserve to work in a safe environment. The whole campaign telling commuters-should-treat-bus-drivers-kindly started after one stupid ah-siao uncle stabbed the bus driver.

Of course,he was jailed or something la. Bus drivers can bring us to the police if we assault them. But hello? I see more passengers kena verbal abuse by stupid bus drivers(LIKE THE ABOVE,HMPH) than us abusing them can! They scold scold scold us,what can we do? Don't tell me complain. I did already,and there's still no reply from them. And complaining to them is like:

Writing a feedback to your boss to complain about your boss mistreating you.

They of course protect their own bus drivers one. Most to most,they say they apologize to you and forget about the incident.
Oh please. Stupid bus driver,my neighbourhood bus driver is so much better than you lor. Even though they see all the grumpy old aunties and uncles everyday,they still can smile and say good afternoon to them lor.

Stupid bus driver,this is for you. NAH!


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