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Friday, April 02, 2010

Hippo tour with the OMY peeps

The other day,I went to attend Omy's event at the Hippo bus ride together with June.
We're given a choice to be with the 91.3fm or the 100.3fm crew. Smart you,I think you can probably guess what I choice. Yoohoo~

Yeah yeah,
91.3FM for the win!

Previously,I didn't know much about this Hippo tour ride thingy,until this event. What more,to enjoy the ride with 91.3FM! To be frank,I used to listen to 91.3FM in my early secondary school days before switching over to 95FM. Anyway,I was quite surprised to know that the tour actually starts from the National Museum of Singapore.

And off we go! I must say,it's a perfect weather to be on the open air upper deck of the bus. It rained earlier on,and as we travel,the wind is blowing in our face. A bonus point that the sky was a little maroon as well,beautiful!

Here,we're traveling down Oxley Road. Heard that Lee Kuan Yew lives here too. Look at the wonderful apartments,it must be really expensive to live here,right in the heart of Orchard road! And we can see some dude just sitting on the chair outside the balcony,like enjoy life siol~
"Hey hey,are you single?"


Here's your crowded Orchard road. Imagine what's gonna happen here during Christmas.

Okay,here's CHIJMES. A wonderful place filled with restaurant. Honestly,I didn't know it have a grand entrance here! I was thinking,where is this place and why are we here. And that was when June told me. Gosh,silly me. I have only been here once,to celebrate our 1st year anniversary with my ex-boyfriend at Hog's Breathe Cafe. Okay,I only care about the food and the environment hor!
And also,here's where I learned the Gate of Hope. I shan't elaborate much,leave it up to you guys to explore the place. It really is a wonderful place to walk around,have a stroll with your loved ones after dinner.

They gave a short talk on the area at CHIJMES.


Yeah,Singapore Art Museum,I haven't been inside. But the building looks nice anyway.

Some of you might recognize this. Yeap,it's located at Bugis,along Waterloo street. Can you believe that this used to be an old tire shop? Yeah,wheel wheel tire!

Okay,I snap this durian stall.
It's just outside LaSalle! I know of many students studying there are foreigners. Can they stand the smell? I think this stall closes during the day but still,isn't ironic to open some stall outside a place where people dislike this kind of food?!

Selegie Street. Call me silly or what,I never took notice of the street names to know that this is the famous selegie street. Famous for food!

My companion for the day!

I think overall,this Hippo Ride is actually very educational. Especially with the DJs from 91.3FM,it really made the whole experience very enjoyable. They talked of so much things from the past,it does sound nostalgic even though I wasn't born in those years where certain buildings were around or demolished. They gave me a rough idea of how things were like before. That's something nice to know about our homeland!

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