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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting one,Iphone or Blackberry? Which is better?!


Help me decide!

I wanna get a data plan,but my phone don't support certain website so it's quite annoying if I get a data plan but with no gadget that can run websites. Iphone and blackberry,you can easily see them everywhere. Aunties especially,seen holding iphones everywhere. In MRT,buses,on the streets. 8/10 are using these 2! But one thing definitely is:

I don't see any aunties using Blackberry.

You do? Okay,that's you mah. I never see. Perhaps Blackberry is too sophisticated for them to use. But old office ladies,some of them do. I should get 1 soon so that I wouldn't have to keep asking Tiffany to lend me hers in class. So damn paiseh lor,I think she's irritated too. So question is:
How?! Iphone or Blackberry?

Looks nice leh,I love the wide screen and it's ability to see websites like a computer.
What more is the messenger! You can chat with Iphone users AND Blackberry users.
But Blackerry...

Can only chat with Blackberry user :(
But I like the keypad,so much nicer than touchscreen. At least I am still able to press the button even if my nails grow. And I can change the cover to pink colour! The thought of blinging the whole blackberry is exhilarating. A blinged blackberry and blinged Iphone,which one nicer?
Blinged blackberry of course!




I heard that Iphone 4G is coming out too!!!

I don't wanna get a Blackberry and envy the Iphone users,and I don't wanna get a Iphone and later envy the Iphone 4G users! See? Iphone 4G damn chio right? Sheesh,I'm very indecisive. How how? Tell me leh :(

By the way,did you hear that there are police investigating Gizmodo? Apple is considering whether to sue them or not because in their eyes,this leaked iPhone is considered as stolen. So currently,they're investigating whether there's enough evidence to sue the or not. POOR GIZMODO!
I don't think they stole it lor. Paid $5000 to have a look at this,do a short review and eventually a pending lawsuit. Sheesh. Apple probably is finding a scapegoat in order to answer for their engineer's carelessness for losing it. But the engineer is probably sacked anyway.



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