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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teardrop by 2 girls

Have you seen my video?

I have posted this on twitter a few days ago. I know it's not the best,I have never proclaim it as good as other guitarists on youtube either. Seren is really helpful! I told her that I like the song so much that it is my blog song as well. This is the second time that we have met up. After the first occasion where she came over to my place to practice on her song,she went home to listen wrote out the score of 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack. This time round,after we played finished her song,we had made an impromptu decision to play and finish up recording the songs. Here's the original song,or if you've been listening to my blog song,you'll know it.

And here's the cover we did on Guzheng,a 21-string Chinese instrument. More information can be found at the side.

Like it? I hope you do! Definitely it can't be compared that the original video,4000+ ratings and over 2 million views. But I'm already grateful enough for anyone who actually took the time to listen to what we did.
It took us about 2 hours or even less,to learn and play the song. Thanks for reading this whole post too!

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