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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Teacher,is this the correct answer?

As you all know,I had my common tests recently. And damn,I had a math question wrong because it didn't occur to me to find out many zeros are there in GB and MB.


How many songs can a 8.4GB mp3 player store if each song is 2.4mb large?

Technically speaking,the answer:
8.4GB(8400000000 bytes) divide 2.4mb(2400000) = 3500 Songs

But the silly me didn't memorized the number of zeros in gigabyte and megabytes. So I put 350. As I was complaining to my friend over msn at night,guess what he told me?
Click to enlarge.

If you're somehow blinded/stupid/lazy to open,let me type it here:

  • Can argue with your teacher that in 8.4GB,10% of the hard disk is for formatting.
  • That means 0.9 x 8.4GB
  • Then the operating system takes a couple of megabytes,but we can omit that.
  • So the true figure is 0.9 x 3500

3500 - 350 = 3150

So,I guess we should all get 1 mark for this whether we had it right or wrong? Because who knows that there may be some geeks in the class who thought the same way? And THEN,we should all argue that the above explaination is the correct answer!

Then again,FAT HOPE!

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