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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sigh,it's been so hot these days :(

It's been really hot lately,sigh.

The Earth is scorched,it's not just patched of brown grasses,the whole land is brown. I think if you throw a ciggarette butt on the grass,you can see the whole land on fire already. Recently,it has been so hot that I began to applying moisturizer again. You girls can try putting it in the refridgerator before applying so that it'll have the cooling sensation. Nice! -thumbs up-

Moringa Body Lotion
To be frank,I've never heard of it before. But I really love the smell.
Sweet and nice.

Apply everywhere,it's way too hot. And I have changed to short pants to sleep in.
Switch the air con onto 16 degrees. Nice! :D
I'm still coughing though,so are my friends. Others told me that it's the haze,but I don't see any haze. Still,hard... to... breathe...

Scent of Moringa

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