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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jack Neo,you're a jerk

With all that hype over Jack Neo,I went to google around for his news.
Gees,he's like our Singapore Tiger Woods,his wife shouldn't act yi ge and forgive him lor!
Seems like he likes hitting on young girls,hmmm...

You're a jerk, Jack

Maelle Meurzec (left), now 21, is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo (right) hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago. --PHOTO: NP, WANBAO

A YOUNG French student is the latest to claim that film-maker Jack Neo hit on her - when she was only 16 more than five years ago.

Maelle Meurzec, now 21, told The New Paper in an interview at her Upper East Coast road home on Tuesday night, that the 50-year-old movie director hit on her while she was acting in his movie I Do I Do in Nov 2004.

From what she thought was a 'friendly' wrap around her shoulders on the first day they met, she claimed that Neo continued to make more aggressive advances on her even after the filming had ended, including sending her 30 SMSes, and repeated attempts to take her out to dinner at hotels.

The pretty Singaporean citizen of French descent, then a model with MC Models, did not mince her words in the TNP interview, calling Neo 'a bit of a creep', 'a sleazebag' and 'a jerk'.

The final straw came on Christmas Day 2004 when Neo sent her an SMS, saying that he wished they could be together. Upset, Maelle told her mother, Ms Agnes Meurzec, 51, about it. The family also decided to make a police report if Neo continue to harass the girl.

Neo stopped messaging her and they never met again. Neo's daughter, the eldest of his four children, is two years younger than Maelle.

At least 10 more women are reported to have been linked to Neo since his affair with 22-year-old Wendy Chong first broke last weekend when the freelance model showed up at his Pasir Ris semi-detached house last Friday, demanding to see his wife, Madam Irene Kng, 46.

-Source : http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_500254.html

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