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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spending my CNY with the people that I love most.

Time for some updates again!
I suppose most of you are going off to collect ang paos as well rather than sitting here reading my blog. Even if it's not visiting relatives,you guys must be playing blackjack too. Hah! Here's my cny dinner with the bloggers. I'm so happy,everyone came and it's been like years since such a big crowd came to my house. Maybe I should organize it every year,what do you think? ;)

We had this one week before Chinese New Year,and to add more cny spirit to this steamboat gathering,Andy bought the Yu Sheng!

Look at the amount of food,they're here to help me prepare before the rest come over.

Lindsey eating her food -nom nom nom-

Yu Sheng.

The one who bought this Yu Sheng is the one who smiled the happiest in the photo above.



The end result? I love Yu Sheng :)
Thanks guys,for coming over to my place. I really had a good time myself,hope you all did too!

Bai Nian number 2

Went to my Guzheng teacher's house to Bai Nian with my primary school close friends. Up to date,she has taught us for 10 years already. How time flies! In a sense,she is like our mother. I brought my Guzheng diploma to show her,got a feeling that I did her proud.

We sat down on her dining table and chatted for a bit,catch up with the old times and she enquired about everyone's well-being. Then we all went into her room and played Guzheng,guess what we found?
She framed up our SYF photo. Gosh,this is like... 6 years ago? Shows that she love us so much,because even though the batch 2 years ago got Gold with honour,she only framed this one up! Teehee!
We asked her to play a song for us,but much to our disappointment,she declined. Her arm was hurt from carrying too much guzheng in school and she had been going for acupuncture for the past few years.
Love you,Zhang Lao Shi!

Bai Nian number 3
Mel's place!
Can you imagine? I travelled from one end of the island to the other end. And I missed my own family's reunion dinner. Guess it's all worth it when all of us are having a good time.
Playing $0.20-$0.40,I suppose losing one round of $5.60 and another round of $1.50 is considered okay. Weijie lost $17!

Bai Nian Number 4
SPI had a gathering at Changi where we ate pizzas and did our Lo-Hei. Among the people,Kenny was back from Hong Kong and John was back from Australia. They'll be going back soon :(

By the way,


They are so yummy,though it's all veggies. I don't mind having a bit of this for my 3 meals for my entire life. Yes,this is how much I love Yu Sheng. Some people say that it's too sweet,or sour. But I like that way it is,just nice :)

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