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Saturday, January 02, 2010

What's YOUR new year's resolution?

I suppose my very first post on the first day of 2010 should be a meaningful post.
Therefore I decided to delay my Christmas post and blog about my new year resolutions.

  1. Get good grades

  2. Earn more money for myself to save/spend

  3. Spend more time with my family instead of running out all the time

  4. Try to eat more vegetables. (cannot stand the taste of veggie la,I just love my meat!)

  5. Travel to Europe and UK

  6. Stop procrastinating and start working on the things that I'm suppose to do!

  7. DO. NOT. *repeat repeat* DO. NOT. BE. LATE. (I can't help it. Maybe late not more than 30min?)

  8. Love people more

  9. Blog more/better contents. (Not good enough meh? Smack you sia!)

  10. BITCH MORE! Muahahaha,so you people better stop pissing me off. Like,seriously.

  11. Pack my wardrobe. (Seriously in big a mess,most not on hangers due me picking them out,changing my mind the last minute and dumping them inside again.)

  12. Tekan(torturing) service crews like waiters and waitresses lesser. I think they hate me,seriously.

  13. Read more books.

These are in no order,just some wishes for a better year. It's been a rough year for the most of us,I believe. I gotta run now,in attempt to fulfill point 7. Now that I made my new year resolutions,what's yours?

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