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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm going to be a Brace-face very soon!

Today has been a hot day.
I just got home after visiting the dentists. After a couple of years contemplating whether to put braces or not,I've decided to go for it. I made an appointment at 2.30pm and went to the braces specialist for consultation. After listening to her explain,I decided it would be a yes. I want neat teeth!

My teeth problem would be Severe overcrowding.
(what the pork,it sounds so serious la. I know it's crowded,but severely?!)

1. Pre-Braces
  • Consultation -$30
  • Study Models -$100
  • 2 X-Rays (head & teeth) - $100
  • Extra brace -$100
  • Teeth Extraction (4! OMFG,fml) - $70 x 4 = $280

2. Braces
  • Braces - $3800 (student price)

  • -> 1st month deposit -$2000
    -> Subsequently -$150/month

3. Post-Braces
  • Retainers(6 months)--->$200-$700
*All these price have yet to include 7% GST

What the hell,I didn't know that retainers have to put for life! Not that I have to glue the retainer to my teeth until I die la,but I was told that for the first 6 months,I have wear it all the time and only take out when I brush my teeth/eat. After 6 months,wear it only when I sleep. No,wait. I have to wear it all the way until I'm 40 years old?!
I think that's what I heard,but she said that the teeth will move and not be nice even if I do the braces but never wear the retainer afterward. Sigh,I kinda regret it though. I love my sleep a lot and have certain sleeping habits,

Oh my gosh,I seriously feel like just plucking out the separators from my mouth now and forget about the treatment but then again,$150 would go down the drain.

Yes,I went ahead with the procedure after consultation and started with the study model + putting separators for my additional brace.
Firstly,they put some clay-like thing on a metal plate and stick it on my teeth to do a study model for it. My lips are cracked and bled onto the clay model,turning half the clay red. Omg =.=

And the next appointment would be next week on the 24th January.
Within these few days,I would have to go for my X-Rays at the nearby clinic and get my mom down for parental consent. Wanna know how I feel now after putting the separator?

Maaaaaaaaaybe just a little bit pain,that I don't feel like opening my mouth to talk either.
Maybe porridge for dinner tonight. Or the next few weeks.

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