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Friday, January 08, 2010

Cum on Cockroach?

It's quite hard to believe but Kai Zhi is actually scared of cockroaches.
Ya ya,everyone has got something they're afraid of but I didn't imagine him to be afraid of roaches!

The other day,just before we're about to go out for dinner,a huge cockroach flew right onto his bed. We could have gone out earlier but thanks to that cockroach,we using magazines to hit it. Kai Zhi took a roll-up magazine and I stood on top of the chair,taking a good aim...


It flipped over and started running around.


Okay,nowhere to be found.
Used a lamp and look everywhere under the bed. Aha! Cornered to a corner. Here we go!


Seriously,this must be the most hard-ass cockroach that I've seen. It should have died already,but it's on its back and struggling. Which is so ewwww! By this moment,Kai Zhi had gone down to get insecticide. We sprayed it for awhile and watched it struggle. And Kai Zhi took the lamp and put it very near the roach,saying it will die after a minute from 'The Scorching Rays of The Golden Lamp.'

1 minute...
2 minute...

Okay,he went to get dettol shower foam and start squeezing on it.
It still didn't die,seriously! What kind of cockroach is this? Still struggling(mildly) away. So KZ put the lamp super close to it.

It did look like someone 'cummed' on it. Which is horribly gross,I know.
Imagine the roach running around looking for food and splat!
A weird kind of white stuff fell from a naked human species and that drowned the cockroach.
What a way to die!

Here's a close-up:

Anyway,I just poured more dettol on it to end its death earlier before letting him clean up.

In other words, we smack ,sprayed,poured dettol and scorch it death.
Hey,at least it's free sun-tanning!

PS. I so so so so wanna blog about my new year's eve,but school started so I'm a little busier catching up on sleep and studies. Trust me,I will;)

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