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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I 've got nothing much to say,have been very busy and tired for the entire week.
Been to aston's for Stephen's birthday party last week,shall let 3 videos speak for my post.
For unglam pics,go to these blogs.

Video by stephenshuai

Video by joyce

Wanna see me kissing stephen in action?

Watch the video below:

Video by Don
He's wayyyy good at capturing people's unglam moments

The crowd at Astons

I don't understand why must everyone take at this angle.
Google 'Astons in orchard' and similar/almost identical picture pops up.

The birthday boy,Stephen!
Wait,there's his brother too,twin brother in fact.
I'm still able to differentiate them,cause his bro looks thinner.
NOT THAT STEPHEN IS FAT! But his brother has a hollower cheekbone.
Celdric and stephen

Not to forget that the highlight of the day is this
Condoms,nemo fishy fishy~
Our birthday present to Stephen.

Nevertheless,the food was pretty good. Service however...
Alright,shan't talk about it.

The focus is not on me but henry,why is he looking so googled eye?!
I think it's because he feels a litte... uh hum,after kissing our dear stephen.

Feeding KaiZhi a gross mixture of chilli,mayo,salt,pepper and some other ingredients which I forget.

It's my name!

Went to meet the guys yesterday at SHAW macdonald yesterday.
We bought 2 cocktail and played guess the number.

In some ways,I think I'm cuter in pouting + I'm a girl.
Rather than some guys. Bet you guys can't guess who I am talking about. Guys,please don't pout. It ain't cute and especially not when you're super ugly with big nostril holes.

Picture of the day :

Look,it's mel. Taken by don last week at Astons.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morzilla's blogger.com seems to be okay only at night? Gees,I heard my friends using internet from m1 and starhub,they've got no problem at all! Can I change without them giving me any penalty fee?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is that bitch dead???

Yesterday day,I came home from school and my maltese bounced up and down happily on my leg. Whereas my Australian Silky Terrier didn't come out to greet her mistress.
I went to the kitchen and set down my things,gave a few hollers and waited.

Still didn't come out,hmmm...
Where's she hiding?

Walked into my brother's room where the dogs usually sleeps,there she is,lying on my brother's bed.

She looked so still,so still that I'm afraid that she's dead. I stare at her looking for some signs that she's alive,she's not moving.

And suddenly her leg twitched.
Thank god.

Hmmm. She's still asleep,which I'm surprised given that I called her for a few times earlier on. I sat down and stroke her while she continued to sleep. Then a few pats to wake her up and tell her that I'm home.
*yawn* She's home!
She wags her tail and leaned towards me for cuddles.

She flips over and starts rubbing against the mattress!

kiss you!

Her Aging Years
The eyes that saw 12 years of hardships as a dog

She's got lots of fats in her tummy!

She comes and rubs her nose against me,see? She loves me! So I helped her up and put her against my leg.

Isn't she sweet?


Story of my silky terrier
I got her since I was primary 4. And she was 5 years old,sounds pretty young huh? I went to SPCA and adopted her for a mere $130 because she's a bitch. A male cost $120,$10 lesser. She acknowledge me immediately by barking at me. Whenever I leave to look at other dogs,she kept barking for me to come back. Anyway,adoption papers signed.

I was very proud of her,that little bundle brought joy to my family and making everyone laugh. I even told my mom to bring her along when my school ends. Until sec.2,she ran away. My mom brought her un-leashed down the stairs. She didn't follow my mom up and that's the last we've seen her. So when I was sec.3,I got a maltese. 2 weeks later,SPCA sent a letter saying that my dog has been found. Sigh,thank god.

She had a cryst on her neck,poor her. She was being send there after being found on the streets in Hougang. I cannot imagine how she felt when she saw me fetching her back from SPCA.

Thankfully,the cryst was removed and now,she's more obedient.
Perhaps also because she was getting on her years. She used to jump up the chair whenever I pat the seat next to me. It's a command ;)

She knows what's 'sit' , 'down' , 'stay' . And yes,she's toilet-trained the moment she enters our house. I believe that her previous owner has send her to obedience classes before.

She's more quiet now,sleeping most of the time and she goes to the toilet more. Once or twice,she pees on the floor. I believe.. Dementia? I'm really sad,I have read before that they live up to 15 years. Which means a couple more years to go before she dies.

Seriously when she dies,I'll cry and invite all my friends to her funeral. Or crematorium. Whatever that is. And if you guys don't wanna come,it's okay.
My dog and I share a special bond

That's all about her.
You wanna know who's my bitch?

She is!
Stalk us when we go to club in 8th of sept.
Or is it 8th? Whatever.


-tiny pink heart

Omg. I'm blogging from mozilla now.
Is this a sign that blogger.com in Morzilla is finally okay?
I hope so.

I'm going to blog about the birthday party very soon.
Am very tired now,going to hit the pillow soon after I get some supper.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now,stuff your mouth as many marshmellows as you can.
Until you choke yourself to death.
Isn't it great?
Accidental death of committing suicide by choking and you still get your insurance.
Now,whadehell am I talking about?

Welcome to...


No,not this you idiot.
Not that either!
It's this!

Chubby bunny is a game that involves the placement of increasing number of marshmallows into one's own mouth and stating a phrase that is intended to be difficult to utter with the filled mouth. The primarily used phrase can vary from the usual "chubby bunny" or its plural, although the words to the phrase are typically not as important as its suppressive structure.

We have to put it in our mouth and say: Chubby Bunny before we can move on to the next person. Failing to put it in our mouth or failing to say 'Chubby Bunny' would mean that we're out of the game. The one who can put the most in his/her mouth would be the winner!
We did this last week but needed time to edit the videos and put them together.
Let's welcome
Me! Hah!

And June (Organiser)
Believe it or not,we nearly agreed on going to Orchard and doing it.

And here's a crazy nezha wannabe,Don!
Don't ask me what's up with his hair. I came in late and found him in this state.

And here's WeiJie in this striking pink shirt again.

Awesome-nism Stephen!
Tomorrow's gonna be his birthday party at Astons. Whole buncha gonna be there and some surprises coming up ;) I can't say it now,but just watch tomorrow! Wanna see me and the rest? Stalk us :D

Now,let's get to topic.
Watch these 2 videos. It's pretty unglam as well :(

120GB Ipod Classic and 8GB Ipod Itouch

Well? How does it feel?
There was actually a second video but it takes much more effort to edit.
But I did sooooo much better in that video,at least better than just 2!

Hence the winner is,

As we've come to the end of the ceremony,please say:

Just a short note to let you guys know,there's been deaths while playing this game before.

Chubby Bunny has caused at least two deaths, both from asphyxiation due to the throat being blocked with marshmallow:

On June 4, 1999, 12-year-old Catherine "Casey" Fish died after choking on four marshmallows while playing Chubby Bunny. The contest was scheduled for the annual Care Fair held at Hoffman Elementary School in Chicago's North Shore area. It was to be supervised, but Casey and some of her friends began playing while the teacher was momentarily away. She collapsed, and was taken to Glenbrook Hospital, where she died a few hours later. Fish's parents subsequently sued the school district and appeared on Oprah to warn about the dangers of Chubby Bunny.

On September 12, 2006, Janet Rudd, 32, from London, Ontario, Canada died in a Chubby Bunny competition at the Western Fair. St John Ambulance volunteers came to Rudd's aid with a defibrillator and suction equipment, but were unable to remove the blockage in the unconscious woman's throat.
Read this source

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Proposal Movie preview

Woohoo,aren't me a lucky biatch for getting the tickets?
I'm super high about it when I recieved the email the night before!

We're all allowed to bring one friend along,sadly joyce couldn't make it in time so I brought along Kaixiang! He was my bff for 1 day. But first,I wanna sabo 8GB Itouch aka Don's stupid face.
Anyway,the people who attended went to have KFC,buddy meals to be exact to show our enthusiasm with our BFFs!
There's HP and his weijie as bff,Don and Qian Yi as his bff,me and Kai Xiang,Mel and Mike, Stephen and his BFF.
There after we saw Xiaxue and her mom. Her dyed blond hair makes it hard for her to come unrecognized. As well as Iceangel,and some peggy or winnie. And dweam aka valerie?
Seemed like there's a lot of famous blogers for this movie but I seriously know nuts about them,except Xiaxue as her's is the only blog that I ever read.

Managed to scared HP with my hair. Look!
His expression is damn classic!

So is qianyi's.
Certainly waiting for halloween to arrive soon!

Holding out tickets with our bffs!
Let's start with Stephen and his bff! Next up is mine,know that all of you are dying to see him ;) Presenting Kaixiang my bff...
We're all suppose to act like the proposal,but all I did was to touch her hawttt bum.
I'm soooooo uncooperative to Kaixiang,who's all set already
Qian Yi and Don
Qian Yi did a much better job than me

Mel and his bff

HP and weijie

Sorry about the flash bang!

Silly don,see his nose hole! Hah,I'm super evil.
But wait till his posts comes out,he's got more unglam photos of me.
Which means I'm gonna die,you guys have fun laughing about it!

You know,the idea was to have go up and dance with Kaixiang just to spice things up after the movie. Because the lights dimmed just as we're about to go up there. But people started leaving immediately after the movie so we just drop the idea.

Hah! I stole Don's cap just to annouce to the world that..
Imma super star!
I very much believe that mel is trying to act cute.
Tell me,he so tanned,can act cute meh?!

I tell you,HP has loads of expression waiting to release.
Watch the close up pic!

Side view of Mel's new hair cut.

Pretty irritated that I took his photo that he did this for the next picture :

My BFF for the day!

I wonder if this sunday,stephen's birthday celebration would have anyone proposing to anyone ;)