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Sunday, December 13, 2009



Friday,after work,we all watched Couple Retreat with other bloggers as well,Cheesie from Malaysia came together with Xiaxue. I'm glad that we had been given the seats directly in front of the Nuffies and the female lead:

Just before the movie started,after MelBoss Ming had given a short speech,Mike suddenly walked in with the camera crew,holding a mic and a small red box. He's heard saying:

"Baby,will you marry me?"

A conspiracy very well done by Mike together with Nuffnang and Munkysuperstar.
Mel had the closest view among all of us,below are the pictures he had taken:

Wendy's mom coming down from the back to congratulate them.

Her giving a speech,and all her close friends who's there.

She accidentally left the box behind and now is with Mel,she doesn't want it already.
Thanks Mel for these pictures!

I'm sorry but this is the best quality video that I can give you guys with my camera:

But I think munkysuperstar will post their version very soon.

So sweet isn't it? I hope mine would be this good too,every girl is so xinfu to have their boyfriend proposing to them.

Oh so sweet~

Shortly after,she told Cheesie saying : Hey,this movie is boring. Let's go and eat. Apparently her mom booked a restaurant for them to celebrate. I would agree too,who would still wanna watch a movie when your boyfriend just propose to you? Credits to Kai Zhi and the rest who said the same thing:
Can you imagine if your boyfriend just proposed to you and went to play dota immediately?

Boyfriend: Baby,will you marry me?
Girlfriend: Ye...
Boyfriend: *interrupts,shouts to friends on skype* OIIII!!! STUN STUN STUNNNNNNN!!!

Totally WTF.

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