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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My thoughts. The aftermath of the end of an r/s. Sigh.

Beautiful sunset

I sat in the bus,looking out of the window. So many thoughts running in my head,echoes of advices from friends. Lady Justice balancing the pros and cons of the situation. The first time a glass heart breaks,you can fix it with superglue. But how can you shatter a broken glass heart for the second time?
It has come to a point beyond salvation.

Back again,I saw the low-hanging clouds in clumps across the green fields that end with mountains. What more,raining in the dusk. As the sky turn darker,clouds turn greyer until it becomes maroon brown when the sun finally set and become night.
I'm coming home,baby.

So sick of all the excuses,so tired of heartache. Who is here to heal me and rise me to my feet once again? I have lost faith in love,you brought me up and then down again. What do you get in return despite changing and telling that one how much you love him?
Love is unfortunately a sign weakness and manipulation which I will not speak of again.

Get away this weekend,
I'm off to L.A on my next trip.

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