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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking back...

Realise that I haven't been blogging for a few days already,so here's random update.

Some things are gonna change among the SG bloggers,it's a matter of life and death yes and no. Hope that we all can do it together and make it a good choice.I think... After much consideration,I'm in for it. Hope that the rest of you are with me.
Singapore bloggers

Malaysia Bloggers

Singapore bloggers

Some come and some go,and some are just your hi-bye friends. No,they cannot even be called friends at all. In any case,I am still very happy to meet up with Cheryl and Si Hui to shop in Orchard. Some of the old ones in the clique,you may be reading my blog now. There's nothing much that I want to say to you,but I am sure we have all not regretted,we all have our own choices. Sad to say,we just can't walk the path of life together but I certainly hope the best in wherever you are.
Strangely,as I am typing this,what I have in mind is this girl whom I used to love gossiping with but I wonder why she hate me so much.
Then again,I need no reminder,thank you very much.

I don't think I can pass my diploma. I just skipped my lesson yesterday because I wanted to sleep more and the exam is next week! Omfg. Strangle me please!

Oh yes! Some of the pictures that I took in Korea during june,along with Cheryl!
I finally transferred the photos from my desktop to my laptop.
Turkish Ice cream!
The guy who was making it showed off the ice cream's ability to stick on to the cone. He even held it upside down when he pass it to us. By the way,he's cute ;)
Korean guys ARE cute! And back then where I still have my long hair,sigh...
After we had our hair cut,such a hard time telling them what kind of hair we want.
I was still new to using my pink sony camera,so that's why it's blurred. So sorry!

Some weird combination of orange and shrimp. I didn't eat the shrimp though.

Our really delicious ice cream on board.

The flight home.

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