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Saturday, September 12, 2009


are over. Sigh so sad! Sobs :'(
It's once again a weekend for the adults to relax when I arrive back to singapore. There are just so many dued pictures there I've yet to post! You know it's holidays when you're watching lots of movies,hanging out with friends ;)


Presenting my BFF once again,he brought me there this time round.
Surprisingly,Isaac(littlecicak) was in Singapore as well,so we got an extra ticket for him.
They looked as though they're presenting an award.
The guinea pig!
And here's howard

Soon after he left,Isaac came.

I showed isaac around esplanade after we had cakes in Paragon with his friend.
Hey people,the place is really great. Not that day time was bad,it's just that being there after midnight to watch the city and feel the breeze? It's really a great place to pour your heart out.
I still have a whole lot more pictures in his camera which he has yet to pass to me.

2 days after Isaac left last friday,I went to KL on sunday evening.
Please don't call me insane,I just like last minute travels ;)
Reached there after midnight which Isaac again,is my host. I finally knew what a mamak is! It's a indian-muslim restaurant,something like our singapore's kopitiam but we don't call it mamak cause those managing it were chinese,not indians.

Sigh,all I did was to follow him around meeting his friends for the last time as he's leaving to UK for further studies. But hey,at least I got free dinner as well ;)
We did went to some place call Skybar as well,where the night scenery of the Twin tower of KL is absolutely beautiful and breathe-taking. Silly,the photos are with him.

And I met up with the rest on tues for the screening of the Ugly truth,it was fantastic but some parts were cut :( I was late,so I couldn't meet the rest.

Had lunch at Old town before leaving,heard that PuiYeng is actually staying nearby!

Curry chicken which was okay,but got complained by someone that I leave a lot of meat behind.

And then it's meeting up with jess and the rest while he leaves for Ipoh,the event that I mentioned earlier.
And due to last minute change of plans,I continued to stay on in Malaysia at Jess's place. Which then next day,another screening called :' Beyond a reasonable doubt'

High profile lawyer, Martin Hunter has an impeccable record putting criminals behind bars and is a shoo-in for governor in the upcoming election. But when ambitious rookie journalist, C.J. Nicholas begins investigating Hunter for tampering with evidence to secure his convictions, the district attorney's perfect record is up for scrutiny. Commencing a risky game of cat and mouse with Hunter, C.J. frames himself as a murder suspect to catch the corrupt D.A. in the act. Romantically involved with C.J. but unaware of his assignment, assistant D.A. Ella Crystal becomes caught between her boss's political ambitions and C.J.'s dangerous expose. As mounting evidence stacks up against both men, Ella's own life becomes threatened when she discovers incriminating proof that puts the fate of both C.J's innocence and Hunter's reputation in her hands.

I recognised CJ Nicholas as the kid who had sex with Eva in Desperate housewives season,and Hunter is the guy who acted as Uncle Wayne in Ghosts of girlfriends past. Lastly,Ella acted in Buffy the vampire.

It was great,during the 2 screenings,though some parts maybe be cut,at least I got to meet up with great bloggers from malaysia!
There's zhao,jackie and me

The whole gang after the 'Beyong a reasonable doubt' screening at Midvalley

Samantah,SimonSeow,Suresh and me

And I don't know wth is dusty trying to do.

Jackie,me and jess babe!
Jackie and I

Had lunch with them before I leave!
Mushroom soup below jess's place
Chicken breast meat that is soooo hard to cut!

I'm a meanie,I like to post up people's ugly photos. Well,they're pretty to me anyway. Therefore,picture of the day is:


Goodbye Isaac,we won't miss you!*waves*
Just kidding,you know we will.

Study hard in UK and stop plucking 'flowers' okay? Don't forget to come back and visit us. Don't buaya anymore. Or those who are going to UK,please go and visit this lizard ;)


I enjoy all my maggie mees ;D

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