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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello people,so sorry that I didn't update for a long time.
I'm curently in KL,which I'm going back today! So fast? Nah,I've been here since sunday and met up with loads of fun people here. Love them! I wished I could be around for a longer period of time but I've got school. Then again,I'll be returning in 3 week's time for the DIGI event! But together with Weijie and HP of course ;) For more information,do check out sexy Jess's blog.
It's going to be oh-so-fun!
Currently at 2.50pm,I'm packing my stuffs and getting ready to leave the house to get a bus.
Not forgetting,special thanks to Isaac,Jess,Jackie, Eve for taking care of me so much while I'm here. But it doesn't mean that the others didn't,of course. Love you guys! ;)

So disappointed with him,but what else could I say?
Nothing that I could expect.
Again,let's pack up and leave this misery.
For it shall turn into a distant memory

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