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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is that bitch dead???

Yesterday day,I came home from school and my maltese bounced up and down happily on my leg. Whereas my Australian Silky Terrier didn't come out to greet her mistress.
I went to the kitchen and set down my things,gave a few hollers and waited.

Still didn't come out,hmmm...
Where's she hiding?

Walked into my brother's room where the dogs usually sleeps,there she is,lying on my brother's bed.

She looked so still,so still that I'm afraid that she's dead. I stare at her looking for some signs that she's alive,she's not moving.

And suddenly her leg twitched.
Thank god.

Hmmm. She's still asleep,which I'm surprised given that I called her for a few times earlier on. I sat down and stroke her while she continued to sleep. Then a few pats to wake her up and tell her that I'm home.
*yawn* She's home!
She wags her tail and leaned towards me for cuddles.

She flips over and starts rubbing against the mattress!

kiss you!

Her Aging Years
The eyes that saw 12 years of hardships as a dog

She's got lots of fats in her tummy!

She comes and rubs her nose against me,see? She loves me! So I helped her up and put her against my leg.

Isn't she sweet?


Story of my silky terrier
I got her since I was primary 4. And she was 5 years old,sounds pretty young huh? I went to SPCA and adopted her for a mere $130 because she's a bitch. A male cost $120,$10 lesser. She acknowledge me immediately by barking at me. Whenever I leave to look at other dogs,she kept barking for me to come back. Anyway,adoption papers signed.

I was very proud of her,that little bundle brought joy to my family and making everyone laugh. I even told my mom to bring her along when my school ends. Until sec.2,she ran away. My mom brought her un-leashed down the stairs. She didn't follow my mom up and that's the last we've seen her. So when I was sec.3,I got a maltese. 2 weeks later,SPCA sent a letter saying that my dog has been found. Sigh,thank god.

She had a cryst on her neck,poor her. She was being send there after being found on the streets in Hougang. I cannot imagine how she felt when she saw me fetching her back from SPCA.

Thankfully,the cryst was removed and now,she's more obedient.
Perhaps also because she was getting on her years. She used to jump up the chair whenever I pat the seat next to me. It's a command ;)

She knows what's 'sit' , 'down' , 'stay' . And yes,she's toilet-trained the moment she enters our house. I believe that her previous owner has send her to obedience classes before.

She's more quiet now,sleeping most of the time and she goes to the toilet more. Once or twice,she pees on the floor. I believe.. Dementia? I'm really sad,I have read before that they live up to 15 years. Which means a couple more years to go before she dies.

Seriously when she dies,I'll cry and invite all my friends to her funeral. Or crematorium. Whatever that is. And if you guys don't wanna come,it's okay.
My dog and I share a special bond

That's all about her.
You wanna know who's my bitch?

She is!
Stalk us when we go to club in 8th of sept.
Or is it 8th? Whatever.


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