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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thought that I shall do a short post.

I'm so excited for tomorrow's movie preview! Can't wait to meet up with the rest,so I've gotta pack now as I'm going to be out for the whole day tomorrow. 6am-10pm. Can you believe it? More than 12 hours!

I've been tired these days and kept taking naps.
The other day I just woke up from a nightmare. Shall tell you guys the last 1/4 of the dream.

I don't know why,you're not suppose to feel so strongly in a dream. But I and a person was suppose to die in that dream,it's like final destination where our railway track is suppose to produce sparks and throw us out to kill us. Along in the carriage with us is a guy,but I just happen to knew that he's a ghost,someone like a grim reaper to make sure our bloody fate happens and we die. But it seemed that me and him are like star crossed lovers,we loved each other.

Due to the power of love,he stopped the carriage at a platform and told us to get off. As the time for us to die was about to arrive,he proceeded to drive the carriage away from the platform. A few moments later,sparks indeed occured and the carriage was overturned.
He on the other hand,turned white and flew straight up into mid-air,floating.

I know that in the dream,I was feeling very emotional and cried to the fact that he indeed is a ghost and we couldn't be together. As somehow I begged with someone or something,he was allowed to be human. The saddest thing was that,Tsunami came.


And we're all pushed down against the rocks where he hit the back of his head and turned blind. Again,I cried that he had to endure such as a human when he could have continued to enjoy his priviledge as a non-human and right-hand 'man' to someone important.

I just woke up feeling so sad that I smsed weijie to tell him. Now,why do I feel so sad in that dream and who is that guy anyway?

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