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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Supper Club

Went to UNDERAGE clubbing last week.
In case some idiots wanna talk about it again,this one permits 16 and above. Not sure if there's alcohol. But we arrived around 10pm and there's muthafucking long queue outside.
Thought there might be some VIP passes where I can buy but no.
At least the boy who sold us the tickets was kind enough to lead us to the front,
and pass us to his friends who were already queuing.

Isn't the club pretty?
This was what made us wanna come.

Lounging at the beds.
Inside the club where lights were flashing.

Around midnight,the whole place is packed like sardine so we went up.

Everyone's dancing but there's hardly space to move.
And sweating. And the guys are enjoying rubbing themselves against the girls.
We saw voguelicious here!
Thought that there's only going to be Fauzi.
But the whole group is here ;)

Love the lighting here.

One of Voguelicous's sister.
Ended clubbing at 4am and went off. Dad came to fetch while the boy who sold us the tickets was good enough to bring XT to a cab after I left.

Go home,go home.
All the sardine man go home~

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