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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I 've got nothing much to say,have been very busy and tired for the entire week.
Been to aston's for Stephen's birthday party last week,shall let 3 videos speak for my post.
For unglam pics,go to these blogs.

Video by stephenshuai

Video by joyce

Wanna see me kissing stephen in action?

Watch the video below:

Video by Don
He's wayyyy good at capturing people's unglam moments

The crowd at Astons

I don't understand why must everyone take at this angle.
Google 'Astons in orchard' and similar/almost identical picture pops up.

The birthday boy,Stephen!
Wait,there's his brother too,twin brother in fact.
I'm still able to differentiate them,cause his bro looks thinner.
NOT THAT STEPHEN IS FAT! But his brother has a hollower cheekbone.
Celdric and stephen

Not to forget that the highlight of the day is this
Condoms,nemo fishy fishy~
Our birthday present to Stephen.

Nevertheless,the food was pretty good. Service however...
Alright,shan't talk about it.

The focus is not on me but henry,why is he looking so googled eye?!
I think it's because he feels a litte... uh hum,after kissing our dear stephen.

Feeding KaiZhi a gross mixture of chilli,mayo,salt,pepper and some other ingredients which I forget.

It's my name!

Went to meet the guys yesterday at SHAW macdonald yesterday.
We bought 2 cocktail and played guess the number.

In some ways,I think I'm cuter in pouting + I'm a girl.
Rather than some guys. Bet you guys can't guess who I am talking about. Guys,please don't pout. It ain't cute and especially not when you're super ugly with big nostril holes.

Picture of the day :

Look,it's mel. Taken by don last week at Astons.

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