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Monday, August 10, 2009


I had a nightmare from yesterday's sleep.
Omfg,it's damn scary. I can swear by it,which I think I force myself to wake up.

I dreamt of a zombie biting of my arm.
Much to my horror after he bit off the flesh,there's a huge gaping hole!
Of course,this pic is just a bit of flesh peeling off.
But in my dream,it's just a huge frigging hole there! Thankfully it's just a dream,I won't feel any pain. BUT.
You guys should know,I totally hate GORE.
I loathe Final Destination,and especially SAW!!!

The zombie in my dream look like the one below.

Can you imagine the horror of her biting of your flesh?! It feels like watching a movie about cannibals. Dreams have a funny way of telling us things.
As I felt like I'm detached from the bitten body,I watch as 2 people threw that person into a pit.

Pit of MORE zombies.

I can see one crawling over and take another bite. And he spit out the flesh,which look like this:

You know... I think I can taste that flesh,which was...

Okay,Ying Zi,time to wake up *poofs*

I must have been thinking too much,the night before,I was having dinner with a bunch of peeps at bugis street,enjoying duck rice. Where this guy went to donate blood and had this cute pink bandage.

Isn't it cute!
But I'm frigging scared of donating blood,it's painful!
You know what the lucky thing is?And I'm 41.3kg.

No girls under the weight of 45kg is allowed to donate blood.
HAHAHA! No one can force me to go ^^

PS. By the way,I'm a carnivore,not cannnibal.
Cannibal eats their own species whereas carnivore eats only meat and well,not their own species. And yes baby,remember carnivores have sharp teeth to RIIPPPPPPPP the meat apart.

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