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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fuck you. For those who think that I'm dead,think twice.
I told you,I'm working

Seriously,by the end of the year I'm gonna be a rich bitch and get everything that I desire.
However at the expense of outings,movies,sleep and I try not,studies.

Anyways,I took the bus back home today and was listening to songs on my 120gb Ipod Classic.
hear that,8gb dOn? HAHAHAHA!

I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky and I swear like the shadow that's by your side "
It was also at this point of time,I wonder why I do not have so many things to blog about. I realized that it's probably due to the fact that I'm less bitchy as before and if the same stepping-on-aunties-feet were to happen again,I'd be god damn lazy to blog it out.

And I felt a tap on my shoulder,turning around and found myself looking in the face of a chinese woman. She started mumbling in mandarin so I said: sorry?
The trick was to make her speak louder,but she thought that meant that I was super english educated until I want her to speak to me in English. And she started spluttering out broken english. I was like,wtf. And told her in mandarin:
"Err,you can actually speak mandarin one,I can understand."

And she gave an embarressed laugh before asking for directions.

Well,my point is people speaking broken english? Okay lah,we're singaporeans what.
Speaking like this is okay. What I cannot stand most is people who blogs all the twit and got so many dots.
Hello,your teacher teach you to write your compo this way? Wait,lemme get a passage to show an example.

miie feel a tap on ma shouder...turning ard n found maself lking in da face of a chi woman...She strtd mumblin in chi sho ii said: sorlii...da trick was tah mk her speak louder...but she thght tt meant tt I was shupa engrish educated until ii wan her tuh spk tuh miie in Engrish...n she started cough cough broken engrish...ii was like,goin tuh cry(cause her engrish no good)TT...n miie tell her in chi... euu cn speak chi one,miie cn understand

Lol,seriously,if someone blogs like this,would you get turned off?
It's annoying,gross and super irritating. People gets turned off after trying to figure out your first sentence and *POOF*
there goes your reader.
Imagine yourself reading a blog with 200 posts written in such language. Love it?
If it's short form,never mind. But twit language = *puke*

Eg. Can you go to the mall later?
short form: cn u go 2 e mall ltr?
Twit: caan euu go tuhh dhha mall ltrr?

Sibeh act cute sia,these kind of people.
Can I add the accompanying pictures?

Ammah kawaii? Euu mushh sayy ii amm kawaii orr nott ii spamm backk euur webbiiee.

mahh butt ishh sexyy n euu mushh agreeish,iff nott ii spankk euu

Well well,how's it feel to read such blogs? Nice,have fun figuring out what these people are saying. And I remembered I had a friend who smsed me,asking me the same thing before in twit language. I replied to her,please ask in proper english.
In the end,she replied the same thing so,I gave up replying her.
I tried looking for twit blogs on google images,but I can't find it. Why don't you guys just tag me a real example of a twit blog? ;)


Broken English + Twit = English Degrading

It's gross + mad digusting.

To whoever tries to speak to me that way,I'll show you this:

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