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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yet again,another tiring day. Which I wonder why too.
I sleep late,but I don't get lots of stress as student because I don't study.
Just another normal day,had Chinese Oral exam after school and Dhoby Ghaut for movies with clique. Had a movie at 5.15pm,Harry Potter and the half blood prince.

Being hungry,we went to the basement Macdonalds to eat. Sihui wasn't hungry so Cheryl and I went to the counter to order. I stood beside her as she moved aside to let me order. Just as I was about to open my mouth,this xiaomeimei stepped up immediately and start ordering.

Let's just call her xiaomeimei okay? For she had eyeliner,cheap foundation that doesn't suit her and perhaps contact lens? I did not bother to look carefully,but it just reminded me of some ahlian wannabe kid.
Much like how I look like back then,at least for a period of time.
But I am NOT a ahlian/ahlian wannabe.

But she's different,she looked just like a little child.

I stared in amazement while she chanted and the cashier nod and nod.
She was spoke pretty fast so it probably happened within a second before I said:
"Excuse me,I am here first. And I'm still waiting to order."
Shouted in fact,because I spoke louder than I intended.

I have an excuse okay,when you wanna prevent someone/something and you're anxious,
you might speak in a hurry without thinking how you're going to project your voice right?
This is where people tend to shout.

In any case,she was shocked and stepped back with her xiaoboyboy bf.
I proceed to order and waited. I don't need to look,but call it woman's intuition. I don't have to turn and look at her but I know she's very pissed off and couldn't wait to badmouth me. As I wait while the runner process my order,she and her friends+ xiaoboyboy bf ordered EXTRA small coke or something. And they stood by the door talking about me,while her friend looked in my direction.

I beat you,you bitch!

I am not trying to dare her,but she's a coward bitch.
If she is really unhappy about it,she could have talked to me about it.

Honestly,I would have apologized to her.

But she did not. If it gives her satisfaction by telling her friends about me,go ahead! Smile bitch,not only I got my rights back to order first since I was FIRST in the queue,I also get to shout at you. Cool huh. When people badmouth others,they tend to hope that the victim would look in their direction. So that they'll get their chance to stare at them. But no,I just wouldn't give them a single bit of victory I have,not only I sailed past them with a smile on my face,I sat down with laughter and shared jokes with my friends.
If you're a ahlian wannabe,do something about me please. Don't just stand there,revel in shock and then start gossiping about me. This is why,people like her are useless.


Oh boy,at least I am glad that I didn't bump into them at the cinema.
In my opinion,I don't find this "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" nice to watch.

Scene from Half blood prince

I don't feel like doing any review for this cause it wasn't that interesting for me.
True,the sense of humour is still there. Dumbledore is forever taking at least 1/4 of the attention in all Harry Potters movie,I wonder if he might mistaken that he's in Lord of the Rings?

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