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Thursday, July 02, 2009

What does your mom tells you in the morning?

Thought I'd just share this with you guys,it's quite funny and true.
Found it in my Ipod after Gerald has returned it to me.

Nothing's up these few days except for going to school,and going to Chinatown to look for music instruments yesterday. My friend told me that you can find all sorts of things in Chinatown,which was indeed quite interesting. The clothes there are cheap,and nice provided if you're not looking for branded stuffs.

The thing I like about Chinatown was the Chinese culture there,though we found other cultures stuffs there as well.

Caught Transformers 2 for the third time,
my god.

At least this time round,I understand more of the jokes,and see more things in detail.
At one point,Megan Fox's bra could be see,totally!
When Sam died,she screamed and ran towards him,right? The soldier soldier with her threw her backwards and the shirt flipped.
White bra with red pokka dots,me thinks.

As for the question of her being a man,hmmm...

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