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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What cause me to nearly miss my flight on Saturday night?
It's these!

My drink
Her drink

Which my darling xinyi and her bf came to treat me dinner and send me off.
Awww,isn't that sweet? We keep laughing at lame jokes. There are more food la,but I forgot to take pictures. Earle Swensens is indeed expensive,but her bf was good enough to treat me ;)
Which after that,I chiong to check-in.

Anyway,he came to fetch me at 2am and I stayed at Dusty's place. NOT his room,his sister's room. His house was damn big and the sister's bed is soft la,I tell you.
So people,please go and party at his house~


This was my first time to a cheer-leading competition. I don't recall seeing such in Singapore.
After few teams of female cheerleaders,I was surprise to see all male team!
Michael Jackson as your MC?


These are the peeps whom I met,but didn't manage to take with others for the place was chaotic.



That would leave out Suresh and Nigel :(
Beautiful Sunset while we're on our way back


Met up with the usual people,except this time round with Bern! Didn't see him the last time when I came. We met up at Tasik Selatan and Jackie fetched us there with his car. FINALLY,we got to sit his car xD
Off to eat Char Siew at Taman Connaught,cheras

Chewy,and meaty enough. Mixed with sauce.

Char Siew that is absolutely delicious.
As you bite down,you can feel the tenderness of the meat. Soft fats in some of them,and the oil on it simply allow the full flavour to come out.

Evelyn and Bern

4 plates of rice + Duck + Char Siew = 50.20 RM

Which I footed the bill,it was worth it.
5 thumbs up for this!

We then headed to Times Square to look for hard-working Vox,whom was studying at the Mcdonalds there. We ended up sharing ghost stories for awhile before moving off to buy Jackie's hard disk.
I was thirsty and wanted to drink Vitagen,Bern said it was for kids.
So ev bought it together with me,Bern has got nothing to say!

Jackie,how can you sneak pics of us dancingg?!

Vox and I
Bern is in for some serious actions

Jackie and I

Ev and I,we look like some kids :D

We left around 5.30pm as I had to rush for my flight at 8.50pm.
No swensens this time to make me miss my flight.
As we arrive at the train station,FUCK!
The service is down and has been this way for a few hours already.
What more,it is peak period.
Jams everywhere! I did eventually reach the airport on time,which so much rushing of checking maps on Bern's laptop,driving into the wrong highway,petrol wasted. But in the end,whew!

Thanks guys!

Therefore people,welcome me back to Singapore!

PS. What initiated me to go to KL was jackie suggesting I come down,jokingly. But I thought,since I've got nothing to do over the weekend,why not? So,the Char Siew actually cost more than 50RM. It's inclusive of $140. Worth it,but shall not be so crazy next time ;)

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