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Monday, July 27, 2009

I forgot about a lot of things,because I blog about my outing pretty late and most of the things mentioned which are pretty funny,but I forgot what they were talking about.
Anyway,one of them was about eminem. I was trying to introduce them to watch the mtv:"We made you" by Eminem,because one of the things inside was making fun of Star trek.

We made you-Eminem

I mention,type 'We made you' in youtube.
Which you guys would know that I meant something like the picture below.
Click to enlarge.

And they took the pleasure in making fun of what I said,and made it sound like this:
(click to enlarge)

Now,that sounded so wrong.

We made you in youtube?!

Hada chat with that guy at night,and he sounded more interesting than I thought. Who knew that he actually had all the answers to the songs that I was searching for all these years?
I literally meant,YEARS.
Yes,since primary 1 or 2. Where in Kids central channel where before the any cartoon begins,they'll show a blank screen,play some music.

One of the songs that I've been search for and wanted the most:

Nocturne - Secret Garden

I myself am surprise that I enjoy these music too.
Yes,quite a lot.

And they talked about nice beaches in Austrailia. Made me feel like visiting there!
But still,I haven't planned on that. Only to london if I managed to get a job and start working part-time.
I'm more interested in the museums,louvre and KYLIE MINOGUE!

By the way,I've got my dress that I wanted so much.
I'm totally loving it!

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