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Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm now in KL now,damn cool eh.
I took an AirAsia flight from T2,which I NEARLY missed the flight due to eating at Swensens and I was suppose to check in 45min before departure,but Xin Yi and her bf whom came to send me off were making me laugh so hard about silly jokes,that I was late 10min in checking-in.

I seriously was considering to take a bus instead,thinking that my money had gone down the drain. But another 2 passengers were late too,so they had no choice but to let us through,carrying our luggage.


Just now,Dusty brought me to a cheer-leading competition,which was my first time attending such because I don't recall any in Singapore. No no,I did not participate but WATCH!!! But in any case,now I finally do realise that KL is super big,as it takes pretty long to travel from one place to another.
Finally met up with nigel,howard and suresh!
Gees,luckily suresh wasn't not going to have me for lunch ;)

Anyway,the pictures are with the rest of the people and I can't connect my cam to the lappie.
Gosh,excited for tomorrow. Can't wait to see ev and the rest! But too bad,I'll be leaving in the evening :(

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