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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fuck you,cheekopek.

Apologies for my recently gained knowledge on vulgarities,I promise to try not to use them
unless I'm super angry.
As I was going out this afternoon to meet Hong Peng and walking to the bus stop,there's this uncle cycling behind me,following in a slow manner. What the fuck,he look at me in a pervo way and whistled and started making dirty comments. The last straw came when he said:
"Yao zhe li,yao na li!"
(sway to the left and sway to the right)
I swung around and screamed:
"Ni jibai la,gun kai la. Si cheekopek!"
(You cheebye la,get lost la. Stupid cheekopek!)
He was very shocked that I yelled at him and quickly cycled away.
Sigh,I thought someone was gonna quarrel with me to start my day. Sad to say,there's no drama for me but it's good,at least it didn't spoil my mood. I hope this uncle gets AIDS man!
Have been going window-shopping for the past 2 days and it was great! I head down to Vivocity on friday evening and walked around Zara,Forever21 and La Senza. Yeap,no more F21 for me. Besides,this season's design doesn't seem to be nice,shall be waiting for the next season before I step foot into their store again

Saw a few nice clothes at Zara,but there is only 1 that caught my eye from River Island and I badly want it! Momsy says that it's too expensive and refused to get me. Honestly,I think it's... Well,expensive but alright for that brand. And it's damn pretty,but a bit too glamorous to wear out on normal occasions. Darling Xue Ting agreed that we can both buy and wear it out together,though people might think that we're SIAO. It's more suitable to be worn on the red carpet instead
Anyways,she went off and I head home to have dinner with XY at 85.


Went to meet HP to get my program but DAMMIT,my laptop was out of battery. There's not a single power socket in Macdonald's at Tampines Mall. Guess they finally realise that people are taking advantage of the power sockets. It auto shut down before the file was transferred. Greattttttt. Mrt down to Orchard to meet Joyce and shop around ION. Thought of visiting LV,which has been reported in the news as Asia's largest LV store. But we saw long queue and decided to head to Burberry instead
Sigh,those are the things that can be seen but not bought .

And love shopping at Sephora,learnt lots of make up tips from the expert Joyce!

Head down to Marina Square after that to meet a bunch of friends and another back from overseas for a short period of time. I ate Japanese Cuisine at the food court and listen to their stories as we catch up with each other. In between 8.15-8.30pm,fireworks exploded in mid-air as they did the NDP preview
It's been a long time since I've seen fireworks
Though it was too crowded,I watch it from inside and sitting with the 3 of them while the rest went out to watch. Headed off to Starbucks afterwards and chat about lots of stuffs.

Guess what drink is this?

It's tea!

I can't believe that someone actually came to Starbucks to drink TEA when it's famous for it's coffee and chocolate drink.

I like the setting in this starbucks with high ceilings.
Plus suntec's starbucks has good service,even though I didn't order anything this time round.

Something that I tried playing around with the effects.
I like this as it's sharp and clear cut,as well as the colours.

But sadly,I think I've got generation gap with them. I don't watch Star trek (cause I think it's unrealistic. What kind of spaceship that crashes but things doesn't get sucked out immediately?!) though everyone says that the movie was good.
We parted around 11pm and headed home.

Love this gathering,it's meaningful. I got know who they really are,and their concern for me.

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