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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A game of L4D is BEST after dinner.

(this is proven to by true,BY US.)
HP,Weijie,Joyce,Jia Qi,Nath and Joyce Stella came to my place's hawker centre for dinner.
Woots,and my good friend weili cabbed down too after he booked out.

As you see,
even though the hawker centre's bakchormee is good,
the stingray is spicy enough to tear us up,
satay with peanut sauce good enough for us to lick the stick,
or sweetest sugar can drink good enough to refresh us up after a whole week of work/studies;
No,I'm not going to blog about it. It's not going to be a food review. I don't wanna have people flocking down,if not we'll have no seats next time. The uncle yesterday was good enough to open a table for us. A table of gossipers(choy!) jokers,we talk about anything under the sun(no moon lah) stars and enjoy the food. As we finished the dinner at 9pm,HP and Joyce Stella went home while the rest of us headed to the Interchange to play L4D.

Finally,Nath and Joyce had a chance to play L4D.

We all teamed up while Weijie played Dota.
So it's went something like:"Forest protected Meow." Or:"Nath killed the witch."
2 hours later,Jia Qi and Joyce had to leave as they can't stay for long.
Weijie joined us while we 3 fight the forces of evil.

So it just went something like this:
"Your Lao Niang alerted the horde. "

"Your Grandfather's father's son killed Tank."

"Madafaker alerted the Witch."

Soon after,Yoyobuto!(someone) randomly joined us as the team allows up to 4 players.
As we battle through and was up to the final stage in the map of "No Mercy",
the helicopter has arrived to fetch us. As Madafakar is down already,that leaves us with Your Grandfather's father's son,Your Lao Niang and Yoyobuto! running for our lives. We made it,but Yoyobuto! was surrounded by mobs of zombies. His health is declining,and Your Grandfather's father's son being in the helicopter, just had to shout:

Oh boy,we're in a battle. Shouting yoyo! just sounds so wrong.

Anyway,we made it and it's off to the next round.
Dead Air campaign.
As we changed map,I thought I should just have different names,it'd be better.
So it went again:
"Your Grandfather's father's son changed to Your LaoPehz."
"Your Lao Niang changed to Barack Obama."
"Madafakar changed to Fuckyourightback."

Yoyobuto! seeing Barack Obama charging towards the zombies,
decided for this:
"Yoyobuto! changed to George Bush."

But Sarah Palin wasn't satisfied,she wants to have some fun too.
"Barack Obama changed to Sarah Palin."

As it approached 3.30am,we just have to end this now with this:
All photos are taken from google.com

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