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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A friend was back from overseas for a short visit.
Which can also say,the same person from my past couple of posts.
This is suppose to be a farewell dinner,but the stupid restaurant was closed down. And people was sick,so we couldn't really think of anywhere else to go. I should totally SUE that restaurant.
But it's closed down,how to sue?
Oh wells,in case you guys have wondered why do I keep saying SUE people,it's due to the F21 incident that made me like that word.


Anyway,it's a blardy hot afternoon and we walked from Funan IT mall to Cityhall,to have a drink at Gloria Jeans Coffees. I seriously don't understand why does the coffee word have to add an S behind. Anyway,I don't enjoy my mango smoothie. I initially wanted to get a cookies and cream drink,but mango is my all time favorite. Who knew that it's not going to turn out well?

For pose's sake,I'll just smile even though I don't like it.
I like the price though,it's only $3!

Mango smoothie,yucks big time!

And being a good pal,he's trying to block me from taking Captain's pic.

And continuing to point away and rambling about the Macdonald's upstairs.

Perhaps you'll understand why he's blocking him,cause it'll be the first time

Captain and Scapula
They can be brothers already,each taking turns to 'shoot' whatever I've said.

nah nah,here's my candid shot:

KZ was in the meantime,treating HP eat sushi! Gees,how I wished I had join in,free treat la!
It's okay,next time KZ must totally treat me to eat!

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