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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Caught a movie at 5.20pm with XY after she's fixed her phone.
For gawd's sake,we were 10minutes late to the movie as we were chatting while eating our McSpicy meal. None of us had a watch or could look at our phone as it's either under repair or no battery. So,we missed the first part of it. Shucks.


Here we see a successful, family oriented man named Derek (Idris Elba), who comes across a seductive temp worker, Lisa (Ali Larter), who instantly showed signs of a psycho freak as she couldn't take her eyes of him, read into his profile background and the next day, positioned herself as his personal assistant. It's tough to see what a perfect husband Derek is, constantly rejecting sexual offers from the sexy blonde. What a wonderful world, isn't it? This act plants no sense of guilty pleasure that would've made this film even better, if only he had wanted to sleep with her, adding more into the plot. The dirty martini lover, Lisa is a good liar who's plain sick in the head and that's purely what gets the ball rolling ever since she set her eyes on Derek.

Idris Elba manages a good range of emotions, from sweet to sad to furious, while Ali Larter does justice to the words delusional and seductive. Singer Beyonce Knowles showcases what she can do as an actress, playing a strong, no nonsense character Sharon who inevitably is an independent woman. Knowles aptly fits the role very well, having being known as an independent woman herself after her split from Destiny's Child.

The last 15 minutes of the movie takes the cake with a girl-on-girl smackdown, where Lisa fights for Derek and well, Sharon gets her catfight on not for her husband but mainly because Larter made in contact with her child. Guess she wasn't so 'Crazy In Love' as compared Lisa.

So, a psychotic temp stalks a successful businessman and only the man's equally psychotic wife can stop her. "Obsessed" is a good title, but if only there was something more to add to just being... well, obsessed.

Personal view:
Great movie. The guy is apparently not at all tempted by the temptress despite the fact she is super hot and seductive as a secretary. How far can a psychotic bitch go in order to get what she wants? Kidnapping? Committing suicide? Lying?
Singers can't act? Think again.
Beyonce really showed how she can be fierce when there's another woman snatching her husband,fighting actions where you might think it's just clawing and slappings.

Hell no!

Beyonce really knows how to punch.
And Ali really knows how to kick and seduce.

Mind you,Ali Larter is hawt even as she plays the temptress

"Hold on,baby. I'll call you back later."
Beyonce calling her husband,getting ready to kick some ass.

After the movies,we head to Tampines One as she'd never been there before.
Yes,I finally bought a dress after so long. Though my wardrobe is bursting with clothes,I still don't find them enough. Don't the rest of you girls out there share the same sentiments as I do?
Succumb to your pleasure,baby!

I'm not sure whether it's suitable to wear that for this sat's BBQ though.

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