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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yesterday,I went out with Joyce,Wei Jie and Hp.
Watched 6.30pm Transformers 2 at Shaw Lido with them,Joyce was first to reach there.
Followed by Hp,I was surprise for ash was suppose to come instead of him.
Never the less,the more the merrier. Though Ash didn't come.
Wei Jie came last because he was doing FYP again,with Chio Bus or not I don't know lah ;)

Joyce and I order Macdonald's while the guys chose KFC.
Joyce ate halfway already still happily let Weijie take photo!

I'll definitely cover,I'm eating halfway leh!

Hp's food

Wei Jie's food

And we chatted for a while,before heading for the movies.
In the movie theatre also can camwhore :)

Gosh,Megan Fox is hot hot hot!
I swear that she and the other girl could have turned me into a les.
Since Weijie said he lost 5kg of blood due to nosebleed.
Isabel was wayyy seductive,the way she sat on top of Sam. I bet all the guys out there got hard while watching THAT scene. BumbleBee was funny too,I can't believe that he totally shoved Isabel to knock her head!
"You've got a cheatin' heart~"
"She's a freak,she's a freak~"

Anyway,great show!
And I treated the Ice cream after that,seemed like a tradition already for one of us to treat ice creams after movies. Headed to Far East 7-11.
Joyce and I ate the Lime one,my favorite!
Wei Jie and HP had 3,waste my money!


And again.

And again!
They seem so happy!

Oh well,I was just joking.
These guys bought 1 only,but they certainly camwhore more than us girls!

Teehee! And HP went home after accompanying us to Wisma's Charles and Keith to find my shoes. Don't have my size already! Sobs. Opposite is Forever21.
With nothing to do,since shopping malls closes at 9.30pm,we went to Cineleisure.
But weijie didn't have the feel to play L4D,so we hung around the ground floor drinking drinks from 7-11 and headed home.

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