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Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay,so my com has a serious problem.
It keep restarting,which I don't know why. Sometimes,it can't even start up at all.
Help,I think it might explode anytime!
Okay,I'm just joking.

Now,I understand why people totally freak out when their com spoil
and can't blog anything.

Anyway,I couldn't upload any photos from my cam. Scared that I might lose them instead.
I did however manage to upload a few before the com restarted.

Cheryl act cute.

Click to enlarge and see where we're flying over.

Postcard written for Sihui.

Cheryl is still trying to act cute.

More pictures when my com is fixed.
I told my mom about the stupid computer and asked if I can get a new one instead.
Now I've got 3 choices.

1. Fixed this com
Though a friend told me to get a new one instead,as this one totally cannot play games at all.

2. Get a new com.
That,would allow me to play games too. And can upgrade the things inside if needed.

3. Get a laptop.
I'm not sure,I would love the idea of having a laptop of my own which I can bring around,use it in my room and play games,use the internet. I can bring it out to write emails to feedback poor services which I encounter(muahahahaha,I'm EVIL!). However,there would be nothing much to upgrade and I would constantly have to buy a newer laptop in order to keep up with the technology.

So people,please advice me on what to do!

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