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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now,would someone tell me the difference between defamation and suspicion?

And again,if you suspect something,you need evidence to show it.

If you have no evidence,who is going to believe you?

So,do you think it'd be right to sue me? Of course,I'm not trying to challenge that BIG company,but still,if someone would be kind enough to tell me the difference :)
In fact,I think I brought more sales to them,guess many girls might have gone there to shop even more! If no photography sign is placed over there,I still need to show evidence of what I suspect,right? And if that is liable to sue me,then I believe I should put "no print-screen","no quoting" and "no stealing of pictures" sign in my blog. Then I can sue everyone and get a million dollars everyday. In any case,tagboard may be removed for the time being,but you can still drop me a mail. I'm gonna set up halo scan soon to moderate comments,you can still spam if you like. I may or may not approve your spams. So there! :D

Thanks for viewing anyway,another post up soon later after they've gotten home so that I can collect pictures from them!

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