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Monday, June 01, 2009

Little thought during a night like this

My little thoughts during the nights like these.

I'm still up late,it's almost 4am.
Playing maple :)
It's a okay game for me,since I seldom play games but spend my time on reading books even though I'm not smart in academic-wise. Errr,aren't you breathless after reading that long sentence? Hmmm,little thoughts? Perhaps this is a tiny 10mins of my life,where you'll really know what I'm thinking. Or am I getting EMO?
Staying up late seemed to be always a bad thing for me,I'd be bored and start googling around and discover things that I would not like or rather not hear. Like thoughts would start running wild.
Wondering why that guy still seemed so dao after such a long time,why didn't that girl reply ever since that day. It's not like I would really give her much attention,but sometimes I wonder what these people were really thinking about. Just wondering.

Many things to blog about,still not done yet. Just a teeny weeny stress about it.
But this tiny post,is just my little thought during a night like this,when I'm staying up late.
Conclusion as well:
Please don't stay up late,you'll start thinking about the past and start doing things you shouldn't. E.g: Googling around.

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