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Monday, June 01, 2009

Life in Penang Day 3

Here is my friend's Link to read.
The party was great,and we managed to wake up around 12.
He brought me to a uber huge pet shop whether there's a lot of pets there.
But no rabbits! And we bought some snacks from a famous bakery shop. Anyway,we went to walk around Gurney Plaza and headed home.
By the way,you wanna see chiobu?
I know you wanna see lor,just say,I'll let you see her. Haha! Her name is Ashley!
David introduced me to eat somewhere near Gurney plaza,where all the local food were at. He's an arse,scolded me for not TRYING out the food! I mean,I only eat youtiao(dough stick) rojak. And he actually ordered all the cha-pa-lang thingy inside,how to eat?!
Cuttle fish.
Errr. Otak.
Anyway,we went to meet his friends at the petrol station and we all went to Batu Ferringhi where it was said that all the night market selling cheap stuffs were. But we arrived pretty late,around 11pm and so,the stalls were closing already=.=
Just walk around for little while before going joining Ashley and her friends at

It's pub,but in the middle of a newly-built-with-no-one-staying-inside terraces! And they're all surrounding us,it's really not like a pub at all. Worse still,my friend went there to drink...
APPLE JUICE! Great. I have to be understanding,he's driving. And I never buy any travel insurance. Her friends were really funny,and her sister is realllyy pretty. I have to say I'm a little jealous that I didn't dressed up nicely that night but ohhhh! Please don't remind me about the topshop any further! Oh yes,and she was puffing away on this ciggarette.
Strawberry menthol!
Oh my gosh,I seriously have not seen it before,even the filter is pink in colour! The smell didn't stink much like a normal one,instead it's kinda sweeter.
The topic drifted off to haunted places. They told me tales about these places,since I'm a curious Singaporean. One of the tales was scary.

It's about a windy road nearby. Mind you,it's really windy and curvy kind of road with absolutely no street lamps at all,only your car headlights. And it's all forest around the area. It was said that a girl was killed there(sigh,typical typical typical),and from then on...
While you are driving at night,there is no cars,only you. Suddenly you heard knocking sounds on the side of your window,you turned to look. A girl is knocking your window with her bloodied head!

At this point of time,I was kinda freaked out and gave a shout scream. Hey,I can't help it okay. The area surrounding us have no people living in those terrace,so ulu! We went off afterwards and met his friends to have a chat at his condo before heading home. And he brought me to Gurney roundabout. There were a lot of people there,I was wondering why until he pointed out to me the bikers that were racing there. Now did I know malay bikers were called mak rempits. Am I right? Do correct me please. And there this frigging old car there,it looked out of place but it started spinning around. Which is what people call the donut shape.

Now,here's what is interesting:

On our way back,there was a road block. My friend was hoping that they are just checking for drunkards since it's a sat night. But no,as we draw nearer,we saw 2 large truck meant for transporting vehicle and he sianz diao. Cause this meant that they are checking for car modifications. As we draw up next to the police,we were hoping that they'd wave us to continue on our journey but no. One of them told us to drive to the side.
Conversation between him and the police in malay:
(He told me afterwards la, I don't understand malay)
"Car lights are suppose to yellow ah,not white."
"Oh,okay. Sorry ah,bro."
"Need to fine you ah."

*proceeds to open the book*

"Errr. Can settle?"
"How much?"
"I don't have small change with me. Will 50RM do?"

"Put it under your IC."

And so,David took out his wallet,folded the money and held it under his IC and pass back to the police. What an experience,I told him after we drove off. He said yeah,but it's an expensive one. Actually,20RM will do but he doesn't have any small change. Gees,I have 20RM with me!
Hmmm,I wonder what will happen to the Singapore Car that was driving in front of us just now.

Life in Penang Day 4

Nothing much today,except that I was pretty pissed off with him for sleeping until 6.30pm!
I had to chat with sponge to kill boredom. David said that at certain nights,ke lok si temple would be open. It's a famous temple in Penang,I've heard and visited there once before. However,how sweet. We travelled there only to see that it's closed already. The road is also very windy,and dark without lights. I commented that lucky it was not haunted,otherwise it would be very scary. How can that road going up the hill be haunted? It's located next to a temple. He didn't say anything and continued driving. Awhile later when we were coming down the same road,he said he didn't say anything as he knew I was wrong =.=

Whatever,smart alec.
We went to have pizza for dinner,it's called dominoes. DEEEE-LICIOUS!
And he also brought me to a place called Relau Mansion,said to have more than a hundred ghosts residing in there. Over time,this more than a century-old house's ghosts grew malicious. There is a dried up pond inside,but I didn't wanna go in cause there was no torch light and there is no way I wanna die there or meet any lady in red/blue/green/yellow/purple/black whatever that is.
There are 2 temples,one on the top of the hill facing the mansion,the other in front of the mansion. The gods in the temple that is in front of the mansion used to be facing outside,but after that,the gods were turned inwards facing the house itself. There monkey king,guan im mah and guan kong etc etc. So I guess you just have to use your imagination to think how powerful these ghosts were. The house is really big,
(what am I talking about? It's a mansion for god's sake!)
if someone were to do up the whole house,I bet it would be very nice. But is there anyone who can last a night there alone? I wonder.

Lastly,David gave in and said since I'm so interested in look for ghosts,we shall wind down the window and drive along the scariest place. It's a mountain call Telok Blanghi,just after Batu Ferringhi. That is a 45min drive with no lights at all in the forested area.
The road is quite narrow,and if drivers at night are not familiar with the road,they could easily get into an accident. Yet,his racing friends can finish the whole road in 10mins. That is,insane as the road is way to curvy already. But,in any case,his personal experience was that he and his friend were in the car with windows down and 2 girls at the back. While driving halfway,they heard someone laughing coming from the forest! The girls didn't hear it though. Don't give me the crap about banglas drinking beer and joking inside,because that is impossible!
I was secretly happy that it was only 11.30pm when we finished the drive,as we would be too early to see anything paranormal. I was very tempted to ask him to turn around,drive through it again and this time,after midnight. Perhaps we could really see or hear something...

Anyway,its home sweet home after that.
We took a plane home the next day and went back to our normal lives.
Me studying and him working. I honestly enjoyed my stay with you back there,thanks David :D

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