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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hmmm,how should I start this post?
Okay,thanks to my friends who defended me in my tagboard :)
And that just wanna tell those spammers,that I never offend you guys,it's your choice if you have breast cancer in future since you really wish to spam.
Thanks to people remaining neutral about me,because they don't bear hate and I wish them well.

People wouldn't understand why I posted the arena thing,right?
This dear blog of mine has been a quiet one,for my friends to read. Now too many people had came. Just wanna let you know that there are definitely underage people inside. Seriously,go check it yourself,I don't wanna name names.

Hmmm,I seriously have nothing much to say either,surely I can't target each one of your responses. I just let it be.

Oh yeah,wait. About the forever21 thing.
In case people who failed their science,they cannot see that the picture is a reflection of the mirror. I'm unable to take picture of it directly as that,I wouldn't be able to snap the 'camera' already. The manager has already assured me over email that that is no camera,which I'm relieved. Already told you guys that I'm not trying to kick up a big fuss,just concern for the females who went in before me.
What if there really is a camera,would you feel angry of your beloved female friends/super chio wife/sexy girlfriend who had went in to change? Can you stand the thought of some other people who take pleasure of peek at people changing? If you cannot understand that,then,I think you must be a useless person who's only concern about yourself.

I strongly believe in karma,which some day if you do bad things and cause harm to other people,
it'll come running back to you in future. When bad luck falls on you,think again about what you have done to deserve it. Think why did it fall on you,or whether you have cause harm to others before.

Now did I know that Internet is a SCARY place,and people in stomp is even scarier.

So,to the 1000 people out there,

please go away from my blog.

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