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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

EXPO Food Fair

My second time to food fair~
Met up with HP and his friend Fyn ,whom I've never met before.
Both me and Fyn were late for 1 hour,we were supposed to meet up at 2 but we reach at 3.
Wanna know what's the coincidence of 2 strangers?
Fyn and my phone's battery were flat before we came out and was charging it,hence we were late.
When we've reached,we both called HP twice at the same time,that was why HP could pick up neither of our incoming calls.

Anyway,let's skip it to the food fair.
It was super crowded,as you can see from the photos.
Pink balloons,a good way to attract Kiasu Aunties?

Even satay is here. Got discounts?

As we punched ,squeezed boobies ,slap and kissed asses,we managed to get past this human traffic while condemning some booths at the same time,we arrived at this booth which caught our attention was this:
Doesn't it look delicious?
Oh puh-lease,don't be fooled. It tasted like SHIT.
Opps,I so bad,call this shit. But it only taste better with chilli,which the stewpid woman didn't give us enough to cover all.
Just beside it,we saw another mouth-watering delicacy.
Shark fin!
Sichuan Sour and Spicy soup.
Both of them tasted delicious,especially when it's hot.

Next up:
Kou rou bao!
3 choices for us to choose from,one is normal one. Orange is the crabstick one and the last one is the black pepper one. All are delicious,but I like best is the original one.
And our drinks is this jelly!
I can't believe that after walking around the whole food fair,there's only this that is drinkable?!
Let's exclude the milk and tonic drinks. You can't possible drink that with all this spicy and oily food,you'll shit for the next 24 hours.
Overall,our food.
We settled at a table like ikea's,where we can only stand and eat.
We elbowed and switched places as HP take pictures first before eating.
We realised that it'd be impossible to eat without a plate,so we girls took the cover of the soup while hp teared out the cover of a styrofoam box.

Deliciously tucking away with bliss on our face,WHY must some stupid Singaporeans come and disrupt it? A bunch of Aunties and Uncles with their toddlers stood next to us.Can you believe it?
After they finished drinking their small-but-freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cup of coffee,they turned and leave it on our table!

I went "What the hell?" Feeling really pissed,I tip their cups on to the floor.
They didn't notice it,which is good as I don't want any drama. Hopefully they don't do it again.
And another auntie turned,put the tissue on our table. I feel like I could explode!
Look here,our table is full of food,or rather,the table is small and just nice enough for our food. Yet why do they wanna SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE their bloody tissue in?!
The uncle was looking at me while his (maybe) wife throws the another tissue in. I told him,the dustbin is only a few steps away.
He gave a weak smile, and squeeze the whole bun into his mouth and

I exploded.

Started screaming why couldn't they throw it into the dustbin,that our table is only small enough for us to eat. He retorted in defiance that we finished our food. HELLO! You stuuuuuupid ****ing asshole,the rubbish you just threw,landed onto HP's styrofoam "plate".
****ing asshole,your kids are watching us quarrel okay!
The aunties were stunned while we bickered,then one said in chinese,"Never mind la,forget it."
All of us stared hard at each other.

They left as all 3 of us were complaining why on Singapore are there such people in Singapore.
So there you go,THIS is our drama.

Headed to Macau express and chit chatted there,all this while,weijie is at the next stop in Changi Airport doing FYP with chiobus! This is why he didn't wanna join us=.=

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