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Thursday, June 18, 2009

As I bloghopped a bit,it soothes me to know that people are happy.
I'm happy when people are happy,as in,not that kind of gloat-over-people's-misfortune happiness but the feeling of bliss and peace within which I wish I can have when the time comes.
But no,not now. I'm too carefree and should stop thinking about traveling.
Should chiong-ing studies already.

School may be delayed for 1 week,I wonder if that's good or bad for me?
Cheryl said it was good,because that means no prelims for them.

I've resized the photos so that they won't take long to load and I can upload faster.
Sorry that it may seem smaller,you can click on them to enlarge to see in detail :)

If you wanna see videos,go here

What do you see in Singapore?
Preparing for boarding!
Her meal,I don't eat vegetable
My omelette. Delicious!
"We're popstars!"
Going insane with excitement of going korea

Witnessing dawn

It was 6am Seoul Time
5am Singapore Time
Standing at the bridge

Korean folk village museum

Our hotel

Doesn't the corridoor not remind you of hotel 626?
Ignore the lights.

View outside.
The hotel is located on half the mountain

Exra bed in creepy room

Can you see the kimchi?

Sheep shearing.
Check out our videos at youtube.

Potato soup,slightly spicy

MTV Motor ride.

Coke from korea!

Korean temple

Everland,where we sat on a scary roller coaster.
I was forced by Cheryl!

Whatcha looking at,buddy?
*narrows eyes*

The roller coaster is bigger than it looks here.
The first slope is 78 degrees steep.

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