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Monday, May 04, 2009

Updating soon.
Frigging tired from NAPHA.
I'm not perfect,so I'm gonna tell you how much I did.
Shuttle run : 10.5s
Standing broad jump:173cm
Incline pull-up:17

Okay,forgotten the rest. Gonna go sleep now.
Blogging about some juicy stuffs tonight or tomorrow.
Or the day after tomorrow.
Tags will be replied after I've blog.

Oh yes,with so much news about what Gary Ng did.
Everyone provided only a neutral point-of-view.
Why don't you drop by to Anti Gary Ng?
Come on lah,we're asians,we're not so open about this kind of things.
Even no matter how open ang mos are,they also don't post these online right?
But wait,even if they post it online,they post with their FACE.
Gary Ng,you're a faggot. Probably some fuck-face.

And I soooo support Anti-Gary Ng.

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