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Friday, May 15, 2009

Today started with no signs of approaching dawn but brown clouds.
It's 6.30am,the time for me to go to school.
As the sky got lighter and lighter,it revealed a pending heavy storm.
I went to the bakery shop to change shillings for my 3 buses bus-fare as SOMEONE had not transferred me the money to buy the concession yet. I had wanted to walk to my primary school's bus stop to save time,but the droplets began falling. It grew to a heavy storm where I could not see 5 meters in front. I munch on my bread and watched the rain fall,my day began.

This 2 weeks are my exam period,my apologies that I cannot do a good post.
Saw quite a few strange things today,or so to me.

A kid eating at the kopitiam outside my school. The left side of his whole face was freshly scratched and blood on it,like he just fell and scraped his face.
Yet he happily digging into his bak chor mee as though nothing is wrong.

I nearly wanted to rush over and tend to him,asking him if anything was wrong. But he looked so happy with his noodles,and on second thought,his mom is probably around to take care of him. What struck me was the strange scratch on his face,yet he seemed ignorant of it.
A man(probably a neighbourhood cleaner) plucking out mosses that grown in between the curb on the side of the road.
Why did he do that? Did these little lives get in the way of the cars and will they cause any accidents? They're just little moss. I don't know,just found it weird.

Lastly,rant! The moment I told my clique in school,Cheryl rolled her eye and said:"There she go again,she always have things to complain about one leh!"
Yupe,certainly! I was thirsty,so I went out to the provision shop to get a drink. I took a Jolly Shandy Lychee,and guess what the AUNTIE told me?
"Students in school uniform are not allowed to buy this."
And I replied
"But everywhere,the government has range this under the non-alcoholic drink already."
She did what others would call,KAO PEI back to me:
"Still,you are not allowed to buy."

Eh,hello! The government has put this under the non-alcoholic drink section already as it's only 0.5% of alcohol. I seriously MUST feedback this to the MOH,ministry of health or something. I MUST ask them,if they range this as a non-alcoholic drink,they should ALLOW students to buy IN THEIR SCHOOL UNIFORM. If they don't allow,why in the first place range it as non-alcoholic drink? Then you might as well as change back to the alcoholic range. Don't give me the bullshit about people buying this in their home clothes,you mean when you're school uniform,you're not allowed to do 101 things?

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