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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sat was out with XT,she's the first few who wished me happy birthday! Thanks for staying out with me until 11+. Shopped at Orchard and stupid TANGS was having some retarded promotions for VISA members. WHAT THE HELL!!

Well,here are some of my birthday presents!

Sat was my birthday,so I went out with a few bloggers,watched Angels and Demons.
Finally this much awaited show has came out,and it's more fantastic than I ever thought!
It was hinted in the interview that Vatican didn't allow them to come and film there,though Vatican had denied it as a marketing gimmick. Gees,I rather believe the movie directors. It's such a sad thing that they had to cut a lot of scenes to make it shorter,otherwise I believe it would have been even more exciting. Vatican SHOULD have allowed them,it provides more knowledge to the public,and I don't think it had put a bad impression on Catholic in any ways. I now knew that there's a chimney to decide the Pope,how did they do it and how respected Popes and priests were. It made them more admirable though I would not change my faith in Buddhism.

Outside the theatre,and I was late for 15min! But managed to catch the show in time.

I'm going to get the book! Give it to me as birthday present for those who owe me please,I need a sweeter 16 than this!
Weijie was so nice to treat us all an ice cream. But because he owed us all $0.50 for the movie tickets after we paid him $10.
Wait,I think my finger blocked the other 2 girl's ice cream.
Let me just add 2 more cones in alright?
So sorry,babes!

At night went to celebrate with my dear and sponge,the rest don't know disappear to where.
Also don't know why,but I know I cannot expect much.
Something that my bro gave,specially ran all the way to the airport to buy.
So sweet :D
Have no idea that it was Christmas,I wonder where did he get this wrapping.
My birthday cake,mocha cake. Dear bought it for me :D
Hey,I'm 16 okay. One of the candle is hidden behind the other.
Cheryl and Sihui gave me this before I went to Johor.
Refer to earlier post,s'il vous plait(please)!

Updating photo shoot soon!

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