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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Okay,resting long enough but I crave for more!


Am suppose to reach the custom by 10am,but I woke up late.
Went over to Cheryl's house where she and Sihui are waiting for me.
Omigosh,I am damn surprise and happy when they made board with all our pictures on it.
So touched,they really made the effort and her grandma cook breakfast for us!
Next would be the usual Emi cake,which we always get for our clique's birthday.
Though each year there's lesser people.
We then went downstairs and keep taking photos,imitating PCD and some korean stars.

Around 2pm then I reach Woodlands Checkpoint.
What a big jam to reach Malaysia Checkpoint.
Walked alone to the hotel to find them.

We sang K at Neway or whatever that is,something like Singapore's KBOX.
What amazed me was that,they have buffet too!
Wow,I seriously didn't know that,was quite amazed. Singapore doesn't have this.
Overall,it only cost 45RM. Which is around $20 to sing and eat all you want.
Isn't that a bargain?!

SOMEONE spilled the rice while bringing it back to the room.
Look at the food,and there's seriously more than this.

We sang until near midnight and after Sponge went back the hotel to rest while the rest of us watched X Men. Woah,I'm telling you,I totally am in love with Hugh Jackman! He's so hunky and his acting is good,I bet he's got a great personality. Anyway,went back to the hotel to sleep until the next day 3pm.


We woke up pretty late. By then,CS is up and about. Knocking at our doors to wake us up.
We took a cab to some place called Pelangi,where we wanted to try the fish spa.
Guess what? They were closed! Oh sad,I was looking forward to put my stinking feet in to kill the fishes! Anyway,we had Bak Kut Teh nearby. We just ordered without asking for the price. In the end,it turned out to be even more expensive yet not delicious than Singapore.
Overall,it cost around 70+rm. The stupid boys were chewing ice,spitting at each other and 'hitting balls',literally. You can probably lose weight while laughing at their stupid actions.

We took another cab to Sentosa,
(isn't it funny that they have the same names as in Singapore?)
However,Sentosa there is nothing like Singapore's. The buildings seemed to be half constructed,deserted and there's a lot of bridal shop along the streets. We managed to found the snooker place,where we opened a room for ourselves and played for 2hours.
Seriously,snooker is quite hard.
I think other than Brushup and David,the rest of us scored negatives.
But still,I'm the third among the 6 of us,yay!

We went back to the hotel after that and watched movies on his laptop while Brushup and QR sneak out to watch a midnight movie. CS followed them to Mcdonalds to get some salt for our room,heard them saying there might be something 'dirty' in our room.
No matter how many times we washed them off,the maggots would still come back on our toilet floor. Which is really disgusting and they accompanied us throughout the stay in the hotel.
I would attribute them to poor piping. The hotel's 1st floor corner rooms seemed to be very dirty. Last time when we came,Sponge and CS had to sleep on the 1st floor,corner room too! And they heard mouse squeaking in the air ventilation in the toilet after they've smoked. The mouse is probably dying from inhaling their second-hand smoke.
View from my window.
Another shot.
Is this really our haunted room?
Utter bull.
Worms might have just fell off the ceiling right?
In soap dish too!
And on the floor.
It rained that night,we heard QR and brushup returning late and closing the door. They must have ran in the rain.
But the heavy rain was nice,our hotel's window was big. Plus the lamppost is just outside our window,air con at 16 degrees. Shiok?


We finally woke up 10min before checkout time. So we quickly packed our stuffs and moved off.
Head down to City Square where Sponge got himself a new cap.
I was shopping at the shoes shop. I waited and waited for them to come back and look for me but they went for pretty long. Being irritated,I went Coffee Bean to look for QR and Brushup where they're enjoying afternoon tea. As I sat and chatted with QR,I saw 3 familiar people. And they are happily holding shopping bags,wtf.

It was then I saw something different,one of them are holding a huge...
Omg,don't tell me.

Yeap,my dearest bought me that hello kitty. Unfortunately,I'm lazy to connect the cam and upload,so no pics ;) And we enjoyed our cakes and frappucino.
Chocolate brownie.
Cranberry scone.

We waited for pretty long to reach Singapore's custom.
Being kiasu Singaporeans,we were walking very quickly to queue up at the checkpoint.
There was this bloody woman,who kept stepping on my heels.
I was very tempted to turn behind and ask her in chinese:
"Are you in a hurry to go reincarnate?"
But I just turned and stared at here. David knew why I was so irritated.
After stepping on me several times,she did not even say sorry but said "Excuse me!"
Hello? You stupid frigging ol'lady! Can't you see that we're walking super fast already,and there's people in front of us,how the fuck are you going to get past them?!

We both went up different escalator and she ended up in front of me.
I was very angry,so I decided to take revenge by stepping her back.


She turned around and scolded me:
"Step step step,you step some more ah,I'm warning you."
David was dulan also,he shouted at her:
"Fuck your mother la. Ci bai."
She shouted back:
"Fuck your father la."

Woah,war war?! She quickly disappeared among the crowd.
David was so angry that he was still ranting even after we left the custom.
He was telling us,if he meet that woman again,he'd beat her up.
And he said that since she challenged back to him saying fuck your father,his response would be:

"Okay lah,I give you my father's number and you give me your mother's number.
I will tell her how much I enjoy fucking her."

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