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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life in Penang Day 1

It's been more than a week since I first landed on the soil of Penang.
The day before,wednesday,I stayed over and we took a private transport from his place straight to the airport. Boarded AirAsia at 11.30 and landed around 1pm,I think.
His sis and mom came to fetch us,headed for Pizza Hut at Giant over there.
Got my slippers as it broke already,what the hell.
Anyway,let's skip all the ladida~ and head straight to his place okay?

He's been very excited,and couldn't stop telling me that he can't wait to drive his car again!
For christ's sake,I've been afraid of his monster car that holds an insane engine inside.
He has modified his car,omigosh.
He called his friends,and they came down to the carpark with him. Thought the car couldn't start because of flat battery,but he plug his key into the ignition and after trying for so long,the car roared to life. And he warmed up the engine by constantly stepping down the accelerator.


And so,the car was so loud that I wonder how many miles around could hear his car.
Just exaggerating. Pardon me for this long passage,I know nuts about cars and am fascinated by this mere 10 min in the car park. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears,yet the other 2 of his friends and him look earnestly to the car with some kind of fascinated expression on their face.
Oh fine,let's just move on.

We set down our stuffs at his place,and head off to Macdonalds.
Wait,let me give you a glimpse of his wonderful house.
Night view
Night View
Unable to see penang bridge,sigh. Below is a expressway.

View from the first floor,a wonder sunset.

And somebody suggested to head off to some place called "Coffee Island".
I seriously thought we're gonna drive out of Penang and go to some island.
But no,it's a nice coffee area near Gurney Plaza.

After went off to wash his car,watched his friends fixed them car at some place which I don't know. But funnily,the workshop is a terrace house. Had seafood dinner with his mom and sis only,as his dad was overseas. It was super delicious,the chicken and the sauce,tom yam soup.
Hell,do I have to fly to Penang to find good food? I polished up 1 and 1/2 bowl of rice,bf said it's the first time he saw me having such a huge appetite. So huge that we ordered another plate of chicken and cockles.

He have 2 clique,one for gaming and one for cars racing. So after we ate with his family,we went to meet his gaming friends. As we enjoyed a huge glass of longan drink at Times Square(I think),he and his friends joke around. Even though I can only partially understand what they were saying as they are speaking in Hokkien. Even spoke about Singapore too!
At a point of time where we're about to leave,he asked if I brought my passport out. I said no,and we had to rushed all the way back home as he was worried that there might be road blocks and the police might want to see my identity. As he stepped on his accelerator and the car roared past his friends,I can barely see their faces.
*The next day at the party,his friends told him:
" I know you're a racer,but yesterday was the first time we see you driving so fast"

After getting my passport,it was well after midnight. But that idiot seems to be too popular.
I'm really tired already,but he still have to meet his race clique friends to play lan!
It's the first time I played Call of Duty though. We probably finished around 2am and headed home for sleep.

Life in Penang Day 2

We woke up pretty late,or I should say,I.
He woke up pretty early to go and cut and dye his hair.
And we went shopping for clothes at Queensbay Mall.
There isn't much branded boutiques over there. He bought some shirts from Padini while I had to run around seeing what I can buy.The first shop that we walked in was GUESS.
And I saw this super nice shirt but not worth the money. It cost 259RM. So we went off to Padini. Given less than an hour to find something nice,I was under stress and did something dreadful. I bought a not-so-nice dress with a belt from TOPSHOP and the amount chalked up to 249RM. But I had to,because there's no other nice stalls with good fashion in them! As I came out of the store,feeling a little gek xim(heart ache) as I just spend $100 on stupid TOPSHOP,I saw GUESS opposite TOPSHOP.
I suddenly thought about the black dress that I saw earlier in GUESS.
And I totally felt like I could just bang my head on the wall and die.

Anyway,the party was great,played until after midnight. Met lots of his friends,relatives.
Can you believe this bottle is a whiskey?

I don't know how does a whiskey looks like,but I thought the bottle would looked much more fiercer than this. This looked like a champagne bottle!
But oh well,this IS a whiskey.
Steering wheel,for him to continue upgrading his car
and fly off the cliff while racing.
I'm becoming a widow soon.

Tell you one secret,his friends were joking about it at the party.
He can closed people's side mirrors when he's angry!
When I asked how did he do that,turned out he sacrificed his own side mirror by driving up really close to the car and bang shut their side mirrors! To him,he doesn't need the mirrors anyway.

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