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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indecent Exposure at Changi

It's MY blog,so most of the things and pictures here are definitely going to be about ME.
I'm not selfish okay,I still share.
So here you go,the people who came for the Photo shoot.
Shu fen overslept,everyone kept calling and smsing her but she didn't pick up!
Anyway,people who came are Joanne,Mike,AndyStorm and Henry.
More pictures on Mike and Henry's flickr.

Me and Joanne
Andy and Joanne
Group shot
Group shot
Lovely lovely me~
Me again,don't feel that I did too good for this.
I looked worser for this. Joanne and Andy are uber cool!
Andy. And the background is really cool! I bet he loves it too,right andy?
Zooming out.. You're zooming out...
I photoshopped a bit of it.

Anyway,we had dinner at the Changi Hawker centre,famous for all good food.
I had a hell of a scare,THANKS TO SOMEONE!
He knows it! They knows,argh!

Next up,Penang Trip 21st-25th May. Day 1 & 2 only.
Too much to compress into 1 post.

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