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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey guys,
Mother's day just went by.
So was my mom's birthday. Hers is on the 8th,friday.
Hehe,saves me some money and not needing to buy 2 presents.
On friday,
I went to Eu Yang Seng and got her a bottle of Honey Vinegar for health restoration.
Honey Vinegar (400ml)
Honey Vinegar is derived from the natural fermentation of 100% pure honey. Today's affluent lifestyle often leads us to consume food, which contains excessive animal fats and proteins. Over a prolonged period, these saturated fats, which continuously clog our body system and manifest as toxins and lipids are harmful to the human body.

On a quantum scale, our body becomes increasingly under siege and will become unable to detoxify itself. Unlike commercially available vinegar, Honey Mart Honey Vinegar is specially derived from the natural fermentation process that brings along the pure honey taste and fragance.

Honey Mart Honey Vinegar is rich in enzymes and the compound is an acid drink that restores the pH balance in out body.
Benefit :
Enhance digestion
Lowers bad cholesterol
Nourishes and rejuvenates skin
Helps to lose weight
Prevents apathy, hay fever, sore throat, stomach discomfort
Promotes blood circulation
Increases assimilation by the various organs

Gees,all the la-di-da~
Skip them la~
My mom praised me for being a filial girl!*beam*

Then she went off to the temple to pray while I waited for my dear to come and we'll go together. On sat,it was vesak day but we decided to go shopping at VivoCity then Orchard.
Yes baby,shopping is my love! But sadly,there's no money for me to buy clothes. It's okay,there's nothing nice in BEBE or Forever 21 anyway. Didn't had a chance to walk around Tangs as something cropped up. Yes,I finally fulfilled my cravings for the Shi Lin chicken steak and Hong Kong milk tea! As we went back to Admiralty,I had a shock when dear emerged from the bakery with 8 buns. EIGHT! Can you believe it? Is he insane?!

Anyway,ear pain again. Late to go to Cheryl's house.

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