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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday to Big Sissy!
And happy first month anniversary to Brushup&Yvonne!

Big sissy,older by one year liao,better grow up and not fall of cliffs!
Hopefully can come back and celebrate your birthday with you over there :D

Here's sissy's birthday cake.
Haha,you must be wondering why wasn't it a cake and candle but a STUPID bun with a cigg.
As it gets closer to midnight,all the bakery shops have closed and the only store that might sell cakes would be 7-11. However,the likes of any strawberry or chocolate cheesecakes could not be found there. I then suggested for Mango Pudding,but greedy CS must have been feeling hungry,for he looked at the bun and affirmed that David would love it.

Since David likes to smoke so much,his candle would be substituted by a cigarette.
Indeed,it was a pleasant surprise for him.
I even thought of putting 4 cigarettes,since it's his 22 birthday.
But he would seriously die earlier if he ever smoke all 4 at one go.
Yupe,he shared the bun with us and smoke the 'candle' cigarette though the filter was quite blocked with Chicken sauce.

Delicious filter? Chew it.

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